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Free tube strike coffee at Strada

Those pesky tube strikes are about to start again. But the more they happen, the less impact they seem to be having on us Londoners. It’s almost like we’re getting used to them and just, well getting on with…


I am completely obsessed with myfitnesspal

I think I have some kind of addictive gaming personality. When I look back over the years, I can think of so many games that have literally taken away days of my life. To name just a few…Lemmings, Mario…

London Restaurants Reviews

Review: The Diner

I often find myself coming to The Diner these days (mostly when drunk or hungover) It’s reliably good, fast, tasty and you get American sized portions. I like that. I first started dining at the – then edgy – Shoreditch…

London Restaurants

A busy week in blogger-ville

I’m usually a bit of a midweek hermit, but the sunshine has made me go all doolally and sociable, so I’ve been out burning the candle at both ends. Here’s what I’ve been up to… Dinner at Fenchurch at…


Spark Your City and some eggs up The Shard

Yesterday morning at 7.30am, on a very wet dull and windy Monday morning, Patricia Whiteley, our Love London contributor rocked up to London Bridge to celebrate the launch of an exciting new global movement named ‘Spark Your City’. Spark…


4 blushers you need on your cheeks

History suggests that we’ve always had a thing for a bit of colour on our cheeks. Even back in the old ages – when skin went all Mary Antoinette – porcelain and ghoulish – as a sign of wealth, there…