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Love Mondays with JUST EAT

The Boomtown Rats said almost all there is to say about Mondays in their song ‘I don’t like Mondays’, and it’s a song that doubtless goes through many a London commuter’s mind as they cram themselves sardine-fashion on the…

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Some nutty stuff you need to know about

I love nutty things. They smell good and they’re really good for you. Here’s a few that I LOVE and use daily… Nivea Lip Butter Vanilla & Macademia I’ve always had an unhealthy obsession with applying lip balm. I…

Beauty London

Wedding Belles – Nicola’s Bridal Makeup

This Friday my bestie, Nicola Moulder is getting hitched to her sweetheart, Chris Jacks and I’m super excited. But also super nervous, because someone put me in charge of the bride’s makeup. EEEEKKKK. Pressure. She’s a total babe though, so…

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What is radiant skin – and how do you get it?

We all hear the phrases thrown around in beauty world – radiant skin, gently illuminate, get the glow… But what does radiant skin actually look like and why do we want it? So I went researching. adjective The definition…