AMBAM – A New Social Network for Londoners

Ambam Social Network

Us Londoners love a bit of social media, don’t we?

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest…the list goes on. And chances are you’re on at least two of them, if not all.

Well, the news now is that there’s a completely new network now available for us lovely Londoners. But the BEST news is, it’s hugely different to the ones we’re currently used to, and actually offers it’s users lots of lovely rewards for using it. Makes a change with just getting bombarded with ugly ads for things you don’t want or already have and having your personal information stalked, doesn’t it?!

AMBAM London (@ambamlondon) is free to use, easy to navigate and lets it users benefit from its collective power by offering discount codes, offers and rewards when you sign up. In a similar way to the (almost redundant?) G+ it has “circles” that you can explore, but unlike G+ these are location and interest based, so it’s easier to find information relevant to you.

Ambam Circles

The North London Circle Wall, and the other available circles in the sidebar

I’ve been playing around with Ambam over the last few days and really like it. It’s niche, it’s fun, it’s modern and easy to look at and I think it could become a really useful social tool. It’s brilliant for getting local recommendations, meeting people near you with similar interests, finding out what’s on in your area and of course, getting your grubby mitts on those lovely offers. The brands they’re working with are really cool too – so they’re rewards you’ll actually want to use! Plus, they do great things like flash competitions and post updates on some secret/exclusive events and experiences so you can really be in the know about what’s happening in London. Which I obviously LOVE.

Ambam London

Ambam is bright, interesting, on trend and nice to look at. Makes a change.

There is heaps more to this site than what I can cover in one post because it just unravels the more you use it, but my point is – you should use it! I know we all think we have no time for another network in our lives, but this is the only one I know that actually bnefits US from the start. Join up (free) at and have a little play around, see everything that it has to offer and claim some of those awesome rewards as a thank you for doing so. There are other membership options you can upgrade to if you wish, but up to you. Feel free to add me (@jj-miller) and spread the word amongst your friends, and let’s see just how far this thing can go. I like the idea of a private little network just for us Londoners. Get in on it early and be one of the cool kids.

Or something like that x

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