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Boudoir photography is nothing new. If you’re a little bit unfortunate, you’ll have walked into someone’s house at some point and had to swallow a giggle as you saw a grainy, eighties-esque photo hanging on the wall of your friends mum, all perm and blue eyeshadow, smouldering for the camera wrapped in little more than a feather boa. And yes, I’m speaking from experience.

Thankfully, the industry has moved on, and boudoir photography is no longer naff, or slutty. Well, if you go to the wrong Photographer is probably is, but it definitely doesn’t need to be.

Instead of being something a little seedy that should have been for your eyes only, boudoir photography is now something that can be strong, sensual and that can skyrocket your self-esteem. Photographers like Alex, from Ever Photography, have completely revolutionised the art form, and instead of making it something you would only give your lover, it’s something you can be immensely proud of and can show to anyone you want to. You see, Alex (despite being a man) doesn’t take photographs that are intended to titillate (although they still can). He takes photos that show a woman at her best, championing both their strength and delicacy, in their home environment where they feel most comfortable. The photographs are sexy, yes, but also sensitive, classy and incredibly beautiful.

It’s absolutely not just for stick thin supermodel types either. Even if you’re a little self-conscious about your body, Alex will take photos that completely change your point of view and that will help you appreciate how gorgeous you really are. You can wear what you feel your best in, and the end result will be images that are mysterious, interesting and that use light and shade as props that enhance every woman’s beauty.

I had a chat with Alex recently, and he told me how proud he was that women (often single) are booking shoots, not to make someone else happy, but to liberate themselves. His entire focus during the shoot is to make his subject feel comfortable, giving them full control, and his approach is clearly working as lots of his bookings come from word of mouth. He explained the best part of his job was chatting to the women involved once they’ve seen their final photographs and hearing how they feel empowered, with a real sense of fulfilment and confidence. I love that shit. Women shouldn’t feel like they need to look good for men. They should simply want to feel great, every day, happy in their own skin.

Now, you don’t have to take my word for it. Take a look at some of the examples below* – and read this review of Ever Photography by Katy Horwood, one of Alex’s very happy customers.

 *Of course, Alex has had permission to share these shots. All photographs are 100% private unless you say otherwise! (Although if you look this good, why hide it x)

Best of all, Alex is offering all our readers £100 off the usual shoot price, which is wonderful. Find out more, and book your shoot here. Treat yourself, and enjoy every moment!

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