Rave Regime: The Latest, Greatest Fitness Craze to Hit London

You may have seen on our Events Pages that there’s a new fitness class in London; Rave Regime. The regular classes are full of glowsticks, lasers and ravers – all dancing along to choreographed moves and tunes from live DJs. Sounds fun…but is it any good?

We sent Anouska Russell along to find out…

Wednesday night (or “hump day” as I’ve heard it referred to lately) can be a bit of a drag. The weekend is close, but not close enough to feel OK about boozing, and the buzz from the weekend has officially worn off. So how does one remedy this?

Dance your socks, troubles and calories off, at RAVE regime, the most colourful and energetic exercise class to obliterate those mid-week blues. That’s how!

My friend and I arrived at the YMCA on Great Russell Street in Soho (the world’s first ever YMCA, I thought that was quite cool…no?) and were handed two glow sticks and ushered into the dance studio. The lights are down, the lasers are beaming and the glow sticks are…glowing, ready for an action packed hour spent dancing away to the soundtrack of the 90’s – all the songs have been requested by attendees of last week’s class and Loren, the creator of Rave Regime. The class is as much about getting your heart rate up as it is about the music, which is what makes it a lot more exciting than your standard legs, bums and tums. Loren wants you to have fun whilst you work out and she allows you the freedom to enjoy the music  with impromptu Mexican waves and some freestyling.

The choreography is taught to the backdrop of some absolute classics including Zombie Nation, Flowers and Show Me Love. Those shapes you were cutting on Saturday night now serve a purpose ‘big fish little fish cardboard box’ is incorporated into the routine, as well as ‘stacking the shelves’. For a girl who very much dances to the beat of her own drummer, co-ordination is not my strong point so this class is great for anyone with two left feet.

It’s amazing fun – be warned – you may feel like you’re there to party but Loren is going to make you work too. It’s a high intensity class that doesn’t stop moving. Everyone’s favourite squats, lunges and spotty dogs are all in there and there’s no getting away with pretending like you’re doing them because Loren will be on your case. I was completely exhausted by the end of class and when the lights came on I think I’d rather they had stayed off after catching a glimpse of my sweaty, red face! (Much like the end of most of my nights out).

The class got me pumped for the weekend and I felt like I’d had a proper workout whilst listening to some great music. Loved it. Definitely one to check out, if you’re bored of your usual fitness routine.

For more information on the classes, including session times and contact details, see the Rave Regime website here.


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