Hey London…Smile!

Good morning you beautiful things!

I hope you’re having a lovely start to the day.

Did anyone travel on the tube this morning? And if you did, did you find a reason to smile?

#smileonNo, I haven’t gone crazy. I know that there is usually nothing at all to be happy about during the morning commute. But today, and for the next few days, the team at #smileon are doing their best to make London a little bit of a brighter place to be, and we wholeheartedly approve.

Remember the atmosphere during the Olympics last year? Remember getting on the tube, and smiling at the volunteers, supporters and fellow commuters…just because the country was a little happier at the time?

#smileon are dong their best to recreate that – for no reason other than…it was nice. Over the next few days you may well spot one of the #smileon cards on the tube. If you do, please share a smile with your fellow passengers, and then pass it on to make other people smile too.

That’s it. There’s no financial outlay, there’s no money being raised, they don’t want anything from you other than a smile.

We can all manage that now, can’t we??

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