I am completely obsessed with myfitnesspal

I think I have some kind of addictive gaming personality.

When I look back over the years, I can think of so many games that have literally taken away days of my life. To name just a few…Lemmings, Mario Kart, Farmville (yep it got me), and now myfitnesspal.

Now I know it’s not a game in the traditional sense, but I have somehow turned it into one. Like it’s some kind of balancing act of debiting and crediting calories – and my weight is the prize.

And do you know what – I haven’t lost a bloody pound either. I am losing terribly at this game. Think it might be because I lie to it at weekends, perhaps? Bottle of wine? What bottle of wine? (Save myself 605 calories.) I know you’re all going to say it’s not healthy to count calories, but I can’t help it, I’M AN ADDICT!

This app is pretty cool though. You tap in your vitals; height, weight, goal weight etc and it gives you a daily calorie, fat, protein and carbohydrate goal. You can then manually type in the foods and drink you have each day or scan the barcodes – and it breaks down the nutritional content for you.

Then, if you do exercise, you earn more calories and it syncs up with my steps tracker and takes that all into account. For those who don’t think they have time to do this – the more you do on the app, the more it remembers and the less you have to type. And to be honest I don’t eat that many different things anyway.

I’ve learnt a lot about nutrition actually, and also discovered some sneaky things that are really high in calories – and just aren’t worth it! Here are some of the shockers:

Cappuccino: 100 calories (I was having 3 a day)
McDonalds Big Breakfast: 750 calories (WTF – it’s just scrambled eggs, a measly bit of sausage, a hash brown and a muffin)
2 chocolate digestive biscuits: 175 calories (stop dunking immediately)
Tesco Finest Granola: 250 calories (I thought this was HEALTHY?!)
White Magnum: 240 calories (Ok, I knew it was bad, but not his bad)
Avocado: 200 calories (A sneaky calorific bastard disguised as a healthy green thing)
Pret a Manger Tuna salad without dressing: 168 calories (ooh that’ s healthy)
Pret a Manger Tuna Salad with dressing: 400 calories – (wait, the dressing is 232 calories???????)

Sign up and download at your own addictive risk…

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