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I See Humans But No Humanity.


I don’t know why I woke up at 2am this morning. I’m not sure why I checked my phone.

Yet I did, and the first thing I saw was my friend in Paris using Facebook’s Safe Check feature to let us know he was safe. Safe from what? I had no idea.

And then it unravelled.

The pain. The fear. The sadness. The monstrosities. The disbelief that any person with a beating heart could wish to unleash such horror on the world.

I’m not going to post facts, or pictures, or stories, or hearsay…there’s enough out there already.

But I will say, my heart is broken for you, Paris. I love London, but I love you too. And there are no words that can convey how devastated I am for your peaceful citizens, who lost their life or their loved ones last night.

Innocent. They were innocent.

A mixture of ages, beliefs, religions.

I wish for peace, for us all.

Peace for Paris

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