La La La La La La La Life is Wonderful!

OK, well maybe it isn’t wonderful all the time. Perhaps I’m overstating things. In fact, I have days where I don’t think its particularly wonderful at all. But today…life ROCKS.

The best thing about it is, there isn’t even one particular reason. There’s nothing that jumps of the page and screams “It’s meeeeeeee! I’m the bit that’s making you smile!”

I just feel fabulously content with my little lot. My beautiful crowd of (highly strung) friends are relatively drama free for the time being (excluding a smattering of swine flu and the odd dose of bad relationship denial…) The Boy and I are ridiculously happy. There seems to be some progress on at least one of my broken bits. A good friend gets married to the man of her dreams in 32 days, restoring my faith in the “happy ever after”. I have a whole diary packed with exciting things to look forward to. And tomorrow, one of my oldest mates and I are going on a road trip.

Banksy - Art of the StateOnce upon a time, H & I went on a lot of road trips. We’d just up and leave and drive until we got somewhere – Brighton, Bournemouth, Southend, St. Ives…always last minute and always full of mischief and fun. My best memories so far include a broken shower, a plastic factory, an upgrade and the mystery water jug…but I guess thats another story altogether….

Tomorrow will be full of surprises…But I know a couple of things for sure. There’ll be laughter and singing and car dancing and getting crisp crumbs on the new car seats. We’ll have hours of “Do you remember when?” We’ll gossip and bicker and I’ll read him funny articles from rubbish magazines and he’ll tell me to stop fiddling with the radio we’ll giggle some more.

With all the battles I have fought recently, I’m looking forward to just throwing my head back and laughing, not caring, not planning, just driving until we stop. For a day I won’t have to think about Doctors, or scans, or pain scales, or making appointments, or filling out forms….

Just 2 buddys, a full English breakfast, a few motorways, good old British traffic, some classic driving tunes and a car picnic.

So yeah, for today at least, life is bloody wonderful.

And here’s hoping tomorrow will be too.


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