London for Less! Get a £50 Gift Card to Spend at REISS….

We’re big fans of REISS here are TLL.

Established way back in 1971, the brand has done an excellent job of constantly evolving to design fashionable, yet classy and stylish garments that look GREAT.

With a focus on quality and impeccable design, Reiss have long been favourites of celebrities and Royals alike. And me. If that counts for anything…

Current favourites in their collection include:

(Click to enlarge images)

Stunning, sexy, timeless pieces that will carry you all the way through party season and well into the next year. LOVELY!

Now – from today until 1st December, REISS are also offering their shoppers a little bit of a bonus. Spend £250 online (which isn’t that hard at all!) and they’ll present you with a £50 Gift Card…which you can either use to treat yourself to something extra,or use as a gift for someone special this Christmas.

In my eyes? It’s an excuse to do some shopping. If you needed one…

If you do buy something, let us know what you chose!

Reiss UK

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