Say What?!

I have had a very odd week. There have been some difficult conversations…which have involved some shouting, some compromising, some planning for the future. I’ve had 2500 electric shocks being pulsed through my knee, which is a little odd. I’ve started the ball rolling on what I hope to be a fundraising extravaganza…and I’ve overheard a couple of the most peculiar snippets of conversation ever!

You know when you just walk past someone at the precise moment they’re saying something that probably doesn’t mean what you hear but has you in stitches as you go by? These were my particular favourites;

The scene: Outside the hospital, walking along narrow pavement to entrance. An elderly couple, probably in their seventies, come in the other direction so we pause to let them past;

Man to Lady: “So tell me, was it just a little squirt or was it more like a mugful?”

What the heck could they have been talking about?!

The Scene: Walking through the town a couple in there late 30’s/early 40’s looking tense;

Man; “I just don’t get you. You’re always angry – it seems like you hate everything about me”

Lady; “Well you’re always bitching about me”

Man; “I am not!”

Lady; “You are. In the pub the other day I heard you”

Man; “That’s the place you’re supposed to bitch about people”

Don’t know why, but that little exchange really amused me.

The scene; In the hospital knee clinic waiting room, which is full. There is a mix up with paperwork and no-one quite seems to know who was there first. The receptionist is getting very stressed and asking people to be honest about who was here first. A few different people raise their hand. We are ALL waiting for pioneering treatment on our knees and in a lot of pain. The receptionist looks like she’s going to cry;

Man; “Why don’t you all just have a race?”

Funniest thing I’ve heard in a while.

If you’ve accidentally overheard anything that’s made you chuckle recently please comment 🙂

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