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WOW. 4.2 million people tuned in to watch The C Word on Sunday night. It was the inspirational story of Lisa Lynch, who refused to let Cancer make her it’s bitch, and instead used her blog (Alright Tit) to inspire, motivate, entertain, explain and share what it’s like to go through a battle with “The Bullshit”.

If you were one of the many viewers, I know you will have shared in the rollercoaster I went through in those 90 minutes. There was laughter, there was joy, there was sadness, there was heartbreak. There was admiration for everyone involved (both the family and friends of Lisa, and the actors and team behind the production). It was truly emotional and left me both a little bit broken and full of pride – as Lisa is the reason for us raising money for Trinity Hospice at #LLBlogEvent.

Why did we choose this amazing cause? Simple. Lisa Lynch was incredible. She was a Blogger who changed many, many people’s lives and who showed bravery, humour and strength despite everything she was going through. She was a GOOD person. And she was a great friend to one of my great friends, who I have watched fighting her own battles over the last few years, and who misses LL every, single day.

Trinity need £7million pounds to do the wonderful work they do on a daily basis. Much as I’d love to, unfortunately we can’t pretend we’re going to raise quite that amount. But here’s a little breakdown of what our contribution, however big or small, could do:

  • £20 will pay for one hour of counselling from Trinity’s Patient & Family Support Team
  • £60 will pay for art therapy materials for three days
  • £100 will pay for one day of complementary therapy
  • £200 will sponsor a physiotherapist for one day
  • £400 will sponsor 24 hours of specialist inpatient nursing care

So, you see, every ticket sold WILL make a difference.

It will also get you a lot more besides.

The event is going to be packed with useful and interesting content from our Speakers. You can hear Katy Horwood from All Sweetness and Life talk about the importance of being authentic in your blog – and how to deal with the fact that not everyone will agree with you every time. You’ll hear Muireann from Bangs and a Bun talk about how Blogging has literally changed her life (and the lives of many others, thanks to her writing). Hayley from London Beauty Queen will be talking about how she took a hobby blog to a full time, bill paying career, and Rebecca from Bloggers Lounge will be talking through some of their most frequently asked questions; including how to increase your following, how to make money, and how to deal with some of the more difficult situations when it comes to working with brands. You can find out more about all the talks here.

There’ll also be a drinks reception, with lovely vodka cocktails thanks to the incredible team at Le Peep Boutique. This is one of London’s best venues and we can’t wait to show you the space. And the toilets. Although not in a weird way.

Plus, every attendee will be taking away a goodie bag PACKED with treats. We want to keep some things secret but expect treats from the likes of Anchor, PopChips, Lab2 Beauty, Bulldog Skincare, Jane Plan and lot more. PLUS…there will also be a couple of “prize” treats placed in random goody bags, including a pair of Oppo headphones worth £350!

We may even have some sweet treats available to you to snack on during the event. Because we’re nice like that.

It’s going to be a great opportunity for Bloggers to learn some new tricks to take their blog to the next level, and for brands to connect with new Bloggers with the view to securing some potential new collaborations. There’s also so much other stuff going on, we’re a bit dizzy!

If you are still waiting to get your ticket, be quick, as there’s only a limited number left. We’re so excited to share this event, in such a wonderful venue, for such a worthy cause with you. It will be beneficial, fun and interesting. What more can you want?!

I understand that you may not be able to attend – but may still want to contribute. COOL. You can donate directly to the Lisa Lynch tribute fund at Trinity Hospice here (just click the donate button at the top). They will appreciate every penny, I promise.

I genuinely feel overwhelmed at the generosity we’ve been shown by everyone involved with this event. From our sponsors Cision, to the venue, to everyone who has offered us help with the goody bag (and especially 7 Dials for the actual bags, as may have been a bit of a struggle to get everything home otherwise), to every person who has shared details, offered a kind word and who has donated. You’re all AMAZING. Thank you x

OOOH – and Lisa’s book, The C Word, which the programme was based on, is number 2 in the Amazon bestseller charts! GO GIRL. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. It’s used as a tool to help people who are going through what Lisa did too, so if you know someone with Cancer, please do buy it.

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