The Wonderful Art of Meditation


[A guest post from the lovely Katy Hull from Treat the Skin You’re In.]


I’m wondering if any of you meditate……Perhaps you think of meditation as something that can only be done when wearing tie dye clothing. Lots of crystal bracelets wrapped around your wrists and you’re in the cross-legged position. I think that can be a typical vision when we think of the art that is ‘Meditation’. It’s probably a wonderful way to meditate and my own crystal collection continues to grow…..BUT we can all benefit from, and try our best to incorporate in our lives, some form of meditation that will work for us on our own individual basis, and that will bring serious benefits to our physical and mental well-being.


How you can incorporate it into your life

One very simple way of incorporating meditation into your life is to simply sit in a chair, be it at home or at your desk and just close your eyes, calm your mind and then take several deep breaths in. Breathe as deeply as you can through your nose, then breathe out through your mouth. Repeat this 4-5 times and just feel the wave of calm that washes over you.

If you think that you can’t sit still and switch off properly then why not just try relaxing in the bath with a candle or several candles. Set the scene and meditate either silently or with gentle music. I always switch off easily in the bath and can pass half an hour without even realising that I’ve laid there and thought of nothing or simply let the mind wander….. Before you go to sleep lay in bed for a few minutes and take some deep breaths.

You could also try moving meditation….go for a walk without the distraction of a phone, be present with that moment and nature. Enjoy your surroundings. Now I understand even more so why I love to go walking and switch off into my own world. It really clears my head and leaves me feeling invigorated. I’m sure you’ve all experienced that kind of upliftment yourselves.

As you practice more and more try to increase the length of your meditations. The hardest part is being focused and not falling asleep!

I feel very blessed that I get to practice meditation in a beautiful location twice weekly as I’m training as a Spiritual Healer and also in Crystal Healing Therapies. Find your little piece of haven and you’ll soon find it becomes easier to get in the zone.


Treating the skin we’re in
Treating the skin you’re in is not literally just treating the skin. It’s treating every element of you. Your mind, body and soul. It’s about you being as happy and healthy as possible inside and out. This is a huge factor of skin health. If we can make small changes every day towards being a happier and healthier person then we will radiate a gorgeous glow from the inside out.


Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of meditation and why if you’re not doing it now it would be great to include it in your life.

  • It helps to decrease anxiety
  • It brings a sense of calm and happiness
  • It gives you more clarity and focus
  • It helps you to switch off from the noise
  • It’s time for YOU
  • It aids better sleep
  • It decreases stress & depression
  • It decreases pain
  • It increases positive emotions
  • It improves memory


WOW! Those reasons that I’ve just touched upon are pretty awesome in themselves!

I hope that if you’re not meditating yet that you’re feeling tempted now.


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Katy x


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