This Friday Feeling: Wishing, Wanting, Wearing, Watching… (Week 2)

JJ Miller, That Friday Feeling, Part 2

OK, So I’m a teeny bit late in the day but I haven’t forgotten. Last week’s “This Friday Feeling” post seemed to go down quite well so without further ado – here’s week 2…


 Psychologies Magazine. It is by far my favourite magazine on the shelves. OK, so I love Vogue for the gorgeous fashion…but Psychologies never fails to inspire and motivate me with some good old fashioned quality writing. A magazine that makes you feel good. Can’t argue with that!


 Christmas tunes of course! We only have 3 days left now and I am feeling suitably festive. Chris Rea’s Driving Home for Christmas will probably always be my favourite Christmas song, but I’ve also fallen in love with Dianne Reeves Christmas Time Is Here. Have a listen – it’s GORGEOUS. The perfect album to listen to while you’re wrapping presents and wearing a Santa Hat. You know you’re going to.


 How excited I am to see my boyfrind’s face on Christmas Day when he opens his present. I have done something a little bit different this year and can’t wait to see how he reacts. Everyone I’ve told has SQUEALED when I’ve said it…so I hope it makes him that happy!


 Boss Nuit Perfume. I spritzed myself with it a moment ago and LOVE it. It’s one of only three scents I wear at the moment (Chanel No 5 and Marc Jacobs are the others).


 Rather distressingly for me I’m completely up to date with all the decent cooking shows at themoment, and seeing as Gossip Girl has now finished (AGGGHHHHH) I needed to find myself another series to fall in love with. This morning I started watching Revenge online from the start, and I have to say I love it! 3 episodes in already and I think I’m hooked.(Yeah, I’m in my 30’s and should be watching something far more intelligent. I know.)


 That every day could be like today. Apart from a couple of hours this morning and evening, I’ve been relatively pain free. Plus, I’ve had my lovely man with me all day, visited my family and see my best friend and her son which was amazing. We let him open his present early while I was there and reminds me Christmas is most definitely for the kids – he was over the moon! Cutey.


I think it goes without saying. Christmas Jumper (from TopShop). Definite win. (And nails in Deep Blue from Mavala)


 That I find a bloody venue for my next event soon!


 The box of Red Wine I just had delivered from Virgin Wines. We’re saving most of it for Christmas but cracked open a bottle of The Intrepid Bear and it’s delicious. Light and Aromatic, and fairly potent at 13%. I am a fan.


 Just about everything in the shops right now! But if I had to narrow it down…I have fallen in love with this dress from Topshop and this Becksondergaard Angelo scarf from Knot Only. Gorgeous.


 To go to bed! It’s 1am (so technically Saturday now…) and I best get some beauty sleep. Oooh – and use some of the 111Skin facelift serum samples I received this week. The full size product is £190 – so I’m REALLY hoping they work. Tell me in a few weeks if I look miraculously younger, OK?!




So there you go!

Let me know what you think of This Friday Feeling. Should I carry it on weekly in the New Year? Is there anything else that you’d like included? Or something you think is unnecessary?

Let me know your feelings in the comments box below, or via email. Just hit “Contact Me” in the side bar or footer.

Til next week… xx

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