This Friday Feeling: Wishing, Wanting, Wearing, Watching… (Week 4)

@Whatleydude and @love_london at Whiteleys cinema on Valentines day

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you’ve all had an amazing week. The sun is now shining…let’s hope it stays that way all weekend.

Unfortunately, this week has been a little bit of a tough one for me. As many of you know, I’m living with CFS and Fibromyalgia, and this week have been particularly nasty. If I’d have written this on Monday or Tuesday, it may have been a rather upsetting read.

However – I’m starting to feel a little better now though (thank goodness), just in time for This Friday Feeling. The feature has been getting a great response on Twitter and Facebook and I’ve had some lovely private messages. As with all our posts, don’t be afraid to comment below! x


No books this week, but I have been reading a lot of recipes. James and I have decided to strip back our diet so we only eat completely natural foods (a bit like Paleo or Primal, but with LOADS of veg). We’ve both been reading up on it and discovering all the delicious recipes you can cook that don’t involve things like pasta, bread and even rice. We made the choice to see if my health improves without any processed foods – and bless him, he’s doing it too to support me.

Love is…giving up Lasagne because you’re girlfriend is poorly…

Really surprisingly, everything we have had so far has been delicious and nicer even than some of the old food we cooked. I’ll be writing up the recipes here and on my Tumblr site soon.

This book just arrived as I was typing. Spooky. Looking forward to trying out.


We have a new feature on the site that you may have seen – Sam Young’s Track of the Week, and I’ve played the tune from it on repeat for days! Have a listen.

I’ve also fallen a little bit in love with this track “Bitter” by Midian. Heard it on a TV programme and sought it out. Love.


I’ve been doing a lot of this. Mainly about friendships – and how wonderful it is to realise you are truly supported & loved when people show up when you are at your lowest. On the flip side? It’s also sad to know that people you thought had your back…really don’t. But that, my lovelies…is life x


My amazing man has been looking after me so well this week – and his many talents have extended to baking. I can smell the batch of fresh egg muffins he’s just made me for breakfast. They’re healthy AND delicious. (And I’m lucky).Muffins


Last night I ventured out of the house for the first time in a long while for our Valentines date. We went to see (A Good Day To) Die Hard at the Odeon Lounge at Whiteleys.If you’re thinking of going to see it, my advice would probably be….don’t. It’s not great. Yes, there are some great action shots in it, but mainly a lot of over-acting and silliness. We had a lovely date anyway though. There may even have been some kissing in the back row…


That my Specialist appointment at the hospital would hurry up! I’ve been waiting months and it’s still not for another 2 weeks. I don’t mean to wish my life away but honestly? I just need someone to help me. (Us. It’s not easy on James to see me hurting either).


Nothing! How very rude. I am typing from my bed and haven’t got dressed yet. How very saucy.

However, as we were walking through Whiteleys last night I spotted this gorgeous little French Connection dress that is currently top of my wishlist. Super-cute and perfect for spring. What do you think – love/hate?? (Must say, it looked a little nicer in real life)

Striped French Connection Dress - £62



That next week is better than this one. May be a little selfish – but it’s true. This week has been hard. 


James Whatley. Probably the soppiest thing I could say, but so true. I have never been so grateful to anyone for anything. From Sunday – Wednesday I was so affected by my illness I couldn’t sit up in bed without help, couldn’t lift a bottle of water, or stand and had a raging temperature – so he has stayed by my side all week and helped me get my strength up again without a single moan. I’m an independent person and hate being helpless and not once has he made me feel anything other than loved. Amazing to have someone so strong there when you need it most.


To get outside in this glorious sunshine and take some snaps with my Canon SX50 HS! Also – to see my friend’s beautiful baby girl who was born (14 days fashionable late) yesterday, on Valentines Day. I so desperately want a cuddle – but they’re in Scotland, so I’m going to have to wait.


A holiday. I want to feel sun on my skin and sand beneath my toes! Keep torturing myself by looking here. Soooo tempting!


Positive. This has been a horrendous week, but with love and support I made it through and am starting to feel better. If I can get through weeks like this, I can get through anything. And that’s a great thing to know!


So there you go! Thanks as always to Mel Kirk whose blog inspired me to start writing these posts…and of course to JW who has been a little hero this week.

Hope all of you have wonderful weekends. If you’re up to anything exciting, please let us know! Just comment below or send a tweet to @Love_London.

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