Why I Love The Blogging Community…


I have been blogging, on and off, for over 7 years.

There have been a lot of changes in that time. I’ve been known to think (often out loud) that many of them have been negative. But a few things have happened recently that have changed my opinion, and made me appreciate the Blogging community more than I ever though possible.

Firstly – there was of course our blog event last month. #LLBlogEvent saw incredible Bloggers of all stages come together to learn, share and support a wonderful cause – the memory of uber-talented Blogger Lisa Lynch. It was wonderful to see so much talent and enthusiasm in one room. But equal to that – when I was faced with some negativity from a handful of people, the tight community (and in particular those in UK Bloggers) that I am lucky to be part of pulled together, got behind me, offered words of support and gave me the confidence to push on through the barriers and create a fab night. I’m thankful as not only did a great event happen because of them, but also my (temporarily lost) faith in Bloggers was restored.

Next – I have been overwhelmed by the support someone special to me has received. My beautiful friend, a veteran Blogger and someone who knows more about this online world than most of us put together (from both sides of the fence) took an incredibly brave step and chose to speak out about a subject that terrified her – Eating Disorder. She did so aware of the possibility she may receive a negative response, but wrote about it anyway, knowing the stigma will never fade away if more people don’t open their mouths and share their stories. I am so immensely proud of my girl – but also of the amount of positive, wonderful, supportive and empathetic comments she’s had. I know it’s helping her understand how loved she is – and how loudly her message is being heard, which is what she needs most right now. There are so many Bloggers willing this very special woman on, it melts my heart.

Finally – and I’m finding it very hard to find the right words to write here – this week saw horrific terror attacks explode all over the world, the most shocking of which was in Tunisia, where innocent holidaymakers were gunned down on the beach. The loss of a single life in such a violent manner is devastating, but knowing around 40 people died at what should have been their most relaxing time is incomprehensible. Horrendously, the first to be named was the lovely Carly Lovett – who was a young, talented and friendly beauty Blogger who had so much to give. The Blogging community exploded yesterday, with tweets of love and support for her family and loved ones. Some of the UK’s most respected and popular Bloggers shared in the devastation, illustrating that people in this world really do get to know their viewers and care about who’s behind the screens.

So, despite the odd bit of competitiveness, I’m pleased to be reminded that the blogging community is a warm, loving and generous community that I’m proud to be a part of – and who I know will remember Carly forever. I’m just sad it took three sad events to make me remember.

I would like to take a moment to send love, light and condolences to Carly’s friends, family and loved ones. This is a devastating situation beyond comprehension. Whilst I appreciate nothing will take any of the pain away, I hope that somehow you find a moment of comfort in the amount of love there is across social media today for someone who was valued for their talent, kindness and humour. Gone far too soon.

Whilst I appreciate it’s too soon to do anything immediately, I’d like our next Blogging event to raise funds in Carly’s memory, either for a charity that meant something to her, or to help support her friends and family. If you think this is a good (or bad) idea, or if you were close with her and could help me with some initial information, please do get in touch and I will look at getting the ball rolling.

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