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The C Word.

WOW. 4.2 million people tuned in to watch The C Word on Sunday night. It was the inspirational story of Lisa Lynch, who refused to let Cancer make her it’s bitch, and instead used her blog (Alright Tit) to…

Ambam Social Network

AMBAM – A New Social Network for Londoners

Us Londoners love a bit of social media, don’t we? Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest…the list goes on. And chances are you’re on at least two of them, if not all. Well, the news now is that there’s a completely…

Blog Self

GYMBOX Gym Bunny

I know no one likes a self-confessed gym addict – but after joining GYMBOX it would be fair to say I have become completely obsessed with the gym. GYMBOX (which was born out of a West-end car park in…

Life word
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36 Life Lessons Learnt over 36 Years…

A couple of months ago, I turned 36. THIRTY SIX. That’s a big number. And one I was a little scared of. I am inarguably closer to 40 than 30 for the first time ever. I am officially a…

Give and receive love like an open window

Love is…. (and isn’t).

There has been a post, entitled LOVE, sitting in the drafts of Love London for a year now. It’s something that I’d been meaning to finish for some time. So this morning, I went in and re-read it, and then…