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The Magic of Marrakech… (Part 2)

I’ve already written about the beauty of our hotel, The Mosaic Palais Aziza and I suppose in a way that should have prepared me for the magic of the city I was about to fall in love with, but…

Abroad Travel

The Magic of Marrakech… (Part 1)

Part 1 = The Hotel : Mosaic Palais Aziza My Moroccan adventure started weeks before I arrived in Marrakech, with an email from Easyjet inviting me to visit this incredible city. They had just launched a new flight, from…

Abroad Travel

The Quiet City: Paris in Winter

I almost always write about London. It’s the city I live in; the city I love. But, if cities were people, and London was my best friend and partner in crime, Paris would be an older cousin I’ve always…