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After years of slating them – I’ve fallen for FitFlops

I’m well aware that this post is going to show my age (30) and reduce my klout by about 80% – but I have to admit that I’ve fallen in love with FitFlops – the sandals I previously referred to as the ugliest things on the planet.

My mum’s been fashioning these monstrosities for years. Bringing home pair after pair (she must have over 20) of these blingy things with diamantes and giant flowers stuck all over them. She even has the slippers! I obviously recoiled in disgust at each and every pair and asked her to remove them from my sight.

Until I begrudgingly borrowed a pair for my holiday…

My god. It’s like walking on clouds.

Every day, I’d will myself to put on my lovely, pretty leather sliders from & Other Stories that give me arch ache and blisters all over, and instead reached for the FitFlops. Because they just made my day so much more comfortable. And apparently they strengthen and tone your calf muscles too (cynical hmmmmm).

What a word – comfortable – told you I sound old.

Now I know that most of the FitFlops are rather vile – however I have managed to locate a few sandals that tick both the comfortable and not completely horrific boxes. Oh did I mention that they also have shoes, clogs, boots, the lot? But let’s not even go there…

I guess you have to just take a leap of faith and try them to believe it.

Please FitFlop – will you employ a better designer so you can make more like these?

Pick up a pair over at John Lewis or FitFlop

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