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This isn’t a new trend or new news, but can I just say that I love the backpack.

I used to scoff at them and think anyone with one was a total tourist or nerd. But ever since my masseur told me that carrying a giant tote bag filled with crap might be the cause of my sore shoulders and kinda crooked posture, I thought I’d give one a go. I haven’t looked back since. My back doesn’t hurt anymore, it sorts out my posture, the padded straps are comfy and don’t dig into my flesh, and I can carry literally EVERYTHING in it; packed lunch box, gym bag, high heels, makeup etc etc.

Now mine isn’t the prettiest. I was fairly skint at the time of backpack buying, so opted for a murky brown men’s backpack from H&M for £14.99. I wanted the Herschel one but it was like £55 or something. And I’m really not that bothered about brand names.

Anyway, after a year of ridicule about being told I look like a skater boy, loser etc etc, I’ve decided to buy a better looking backy. So which one shall I go for?

5 backpacks that might improve your posture 

The trusty H&M Men’s Backpack
(in a more girly colour)
hmprod The Herschel
(cos I like polka dots)


Spiral UK
(because Cara Delevingne wore it to Burning Man)


unnamed Eastpak

(I love white, but will it get dirty?)
image2xxl Whistles
(Lovely and leather, but expenny)


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