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Game Changer : Vegan Snacks (including Chocolate) that TASTE GREAT. Not even lying.

I am not a vegan.

I will probably never be a vegan. But, like anyone with a brain and a conscience, I’m aware that eating a more plant based diet is good for both us as humans, and the planet as a whole…which is also good for us as humans in the end as we kind of need somewhere to live.

With this in mind, I now consume much less dairy than I used to. And, with a kid who’s dairy (and soya) intolerant, I’ve learnt to look for substitutes that quite frankly, don’t suck. As many do, I can assure you.

Dairy free chocolate is one of those things that usually really sucks. The mini’s dairy free advent calendar was vile (so vile, it got binned) and we’ve kind of just got used to hearing him scream at us when we tell him he can’t have chocolate like his friends can. Which makes parenting SUPER fun, I tell ya.

Anyway. This week, I received a package from one of the lovely PR firms I work with, with lots of healthy snack alternatives that are Vegan friendly, Organic, Gluten Free and Dairy Free.

Not going to lie, I didn’t expect much.

HOWEVER! I am happy to bow down to the Vegan Gods in this case….because this shit is DELICIOUS.

Let me start with what my 5 year old son has just described as “the best chocolate ever“, which is high praise coming from a small human with absolutely no concept of what the words “organic” or “vegan” mean, and therefore cares very little about anything other than how good something tastes. I was dubious, especially as I don’t particularly like anything sweet…but tried a piece myself. And he wasn’t lying. Ombar is ridiculously good and I could quite easily have eaten the whole bar in about 3 seconds…if I didn’t have to share with the scruffy blonde one.

We only tried the Coco Mylk 35g bar – but there are various flavours to try. Check out the Ombar website shop here to see the full range of Raw, Organic, Fair Trade, Vegan, Dairy and Gluten free treats on offer. They’re not cheap, but worth it. Just don’t blame me if you get hooked.

(PS. Excuse the terrible photo. As I say, we weren’t expecting much and therefore kind of forgot to do the whole “bloggy photo” thing. For a much more acceptable bloggy photo, see here!)

The other two snacks which were also good (although not quite so noteworthy) were the Coconut Flour Tortilla Chips from The Real Coconut by Daniella Hunter – which the little person LOVED, and I quite liked. The coconut flavour is pretty strong, but they’re definitely pleasant and a good alternative to the norm.

Lastly, the SHORE seaweed puffs (I tried sweet chilli) were odd to start with, but incredibly moreish and I ended up really enjoying them. So much, in fact, that I’d happily swap my Wotsits for these any day.

And I rather like Wotsits.

So….while I probably will never actually be vegan, I’m really impressed with the snacks available and definitely approve of heading more in this direction

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