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Get the Swedish look- Makeup Tutorial

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Last week I was in Sweden and found myself channelling my not so blonde roots. I felt I needed to step my game up a bit, as you know the Nords are known for being ridiculously good looking. I was there visiting family, no I’m not Swedish (I wish) so take a look how I tried to fit in by sharing with you my ‘get the look’ makeup tutorial. (Disclaimer: i’m not a makeup artist lol)- video to come soon if i’m not too shy!

1. Base the face, I use Mac Studio Sculpt foundation, nice amount of coverage but not too heavy. I like the dewy look but be careful because its summer you don’t wan’t the dewy look to turn into not makeup all sweat look!

Mac Studio Sculpt

2. Bronze and contour, i’m not really into the fancy expensive products, if it works well on my skin I tend to use it forever. I love Mac Makeup though, its easy and effortless, I hate needing a million products to do one job. I use the Mac bronzing powder. Start off by contouring, squeeze the brush and apply just under the cheek bone. apply a little on the forehead, nose and chin where the sun naturally hits with an open brush this time to give you a natural sun kissed looked.


3. Eye Shadow, I like soft brown hues– this also helps giving the eye definition and depth making your eyes look bigger. Start from the out side in, this will naturally make the the outside darker as there becomes less product on the brush. Follow the eye socket to get a deeper colour then blend.

Mac Make up

4. Eyeliner- I use Revlon Colourstay liquid eyeliner. This has an easy applicator brush. Start at the outer eye I like to make half a cm flick first then follow the eye in. Note the outer should be the thickest part gradually going thiner.


5. Mascara, as its now summer and i’ve been swimming lots (totally can not be seen without it and nothing worse than it running down your face as you exit the ocean Bay Watch style. I have been using Maybelline Go Colossal Extreme waterproof, I usually just stick to the normal one when not swimming as it is a bitch to get off even with makeup remover!

6. All about the brow! We can thank Cara for that I think. I love a thick brow and to fill mine in I use Gimme Brow from Benefit– this stuff works wonders and is so easy to apply, its like mascara for your brows.

gimme browbrows

And last but not least to finish the look and this is if you want more of an evening/ done look add lipstick. My all time favourite lipstick is Mac Diva, now dark lip isn’t really summer but I think it always works.Diva
And there you have it- now you have the Swedish look, get out there and work it! Video of this to come soon!


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    July 22, 2015 at 3:25 pm

    Beautiful lady xxx

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      JJ Miller
      August 6, 2015 at 2:18 pm

      Isn’t she just??

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