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HOT LIST: Liquid Lipsticks from Lush

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen me publicly mourning the loss of my favourite red lipstick a few times recently.

It disappeared in my house move. I was sad. Many of the helpful beauty bloggers I chat too offered suggestions on new products/shades/brands that would suit my colouring. While I appreciated the help, I continued grieving the loss of my baby.

But…just I was just about to buy another, I opened a handbag I haven’t used in a while and TA-DA…there is was! Like a shining little beacon of loveliness.

I am a happy little kitten again.

As most of you know – when you find a shade that suits you perfectly, you don’t want to change. You’ll happily remain faithful to that product for years…replacing it over and over until they either stop making it or you accidentally find something to take it’s place.

Lush Liquid Lipstick Power RedNow. I have never been a bold lipstick fan- sticking mainly to neutral shades, plain lip glosses and balms, rather than popping reds or neon pinks. I only came across Lush’s POWER red because they (very kindly) sent some through to me. I didn’t think I’d like it but tried it on and was quite surprised by how well it suited. It’s a kind of a tomato, orangey red…not something I’d ever have picked out for myself, but something I now love!

With 1000’s of shades out there, it’s not just that that made me a huge fan of this lipstick. It’s everything else. The Lush liquid lipstick products (currently available in 13 shades) have a simple, lipgloss type applicator that makes them really simple to apply (even without a mirror) and their staying power is phenomenal. Once they’re on…they’re on. The colour is rich, shiny and vibrant…and really pops.

If you’re looking for a bold lipstick and want something a little different to your standard products…definitely take a look at these. As with everything Lush, they’re made without any nasties included. In fact, the formula is made from a simple blend of organic jojoba oil, candelilla wax and rose wax, which leaves lips deliciously smooth and kissable.

Just what we want, hey ladies??


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