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Review: Trevor Sorbie’s Infinity Styler

Trevor Sorbie Infinity Styler

A few weeks ago, I received an email about a new product from Trevor Sorbie (LEDGE), the Infinity Styler.

Now – let me first start by saying, my hair is insane. It is about twice as thick, frizzy and wild as anyone elses that I’ve ever met – so much so that when my old flatmate saw mannequins wearing blonde frizzed up wigs in TopShop a couple of years back, she did a double take.

Case. In. Point.

Naturally dried hair

Yup. Well aware I look like a twat, but this is what happens when you leave my hair to dry naturally…


Sooooo….I don’t always have the greatest confidence in products that promise to make my hair sleek, or smooth, or bouncy or wavy or anything other than MASSIVE because this is where I have to start from. Last week, during my lovely visit to FOUR London, the lovely Sarah who was blowdrying this mess commented that it must be impossible to blow-dry myself and yup, it is. Even without a bad shoulder I don’t think I could tame this beast without professional help. Or some good GHD’s to knock the life out of it.

Seeing as though Trevor Sorbie is hairdressing royalty though, I thought I’d give this one a try. The sample was received on the same day as the London Lifestyle Awards – and as I hadn’t managed to book a hair appointment (schoolgirl error) I thought I’d give it a go myself. Trying a new styling tool on the night of a big event? Brave/Risky/Stupid. But it’s Trevor Sorbie’s name on the box, so I thought I’d give it a try.

The Infinity Styler is really easy to use – and has a variety of heat settings to suit your hair (was on max for me, obvs). It works as a round brush, ceramic iron, curling and styling wand in one and features cool touch technology, so you don’t burn your fingers.

I fricking love it. The Infinity Styler gave me big, bouncy hair that was full of body and shine, and that stayed for most of the night. It’s easy to handle and use and with a little bit more practice now, it’s become my must-have piece of hair kit. I used it before my photoshoot at Pout Studios too, and within 30 minutes my hair was full of volume and gloriousness, ready for my close ups (!)

A snapshot of my shoot at Pout Studios

A snapshot of my shoot at Pout Studios: hair my own work, and a little bit more glam that the photo above, right??

However, despite my new-found love…I do have a couple of tiny bugbears with the product. It seemed that when I tried using it for straightening purposes, my hair slid through too easily and it just wasn’t gripping tightly enough to do the job quickly, even on max. However, I do have very odd hair and this isn’t the first iron I’ve had issues with. Perhaps with a little more practice I’ll develop the knack. More annoyingly, unfortunately, is that the on/off button is very easy to press while you’re styling, so I found myself accidentally switching the unit off a number of times. Not the end of the world, but a little frustrating.

Would these two things stop me buying it? NO! I am a huge fan, and honestly can’t believe how easy it’s been to create a truly polished style in no time at all, on this old barnet. Highly recommend this to anyone, even with the trickiest of hair, as it’s superb.

Surprisingly on a quick google I couldn’t find the Infinity Styler stocked in some of the stores you might expect, but it’s available for £69.99 from Amazon or Robert Dyas. Snap it up quick!

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