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Something Wicked: Incredible Lingerie by Leanne Brook

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of exquisite lingerie. It’s also no secret that unfortunately for me, it’s not always easy to find the most beautiful pieces in my size.

Today, a little piece of my heart chipped off and drifted away as I realised that neither I, or my poor deprived boyfriend would ever get to see me in the incredible creations I’ve just discovered at Something Wicked Lingerie. This pleasure emporium stocks only the most sensational underwear, designed by the highly acclaimed, award winning British designer Leanne Brook – alongside a few additional treats and toys to keep you entertained.

Leanne’s designs are breathtaking. Each piece is visually stunning; jaw-droppingly sexy without being slutty, outrageous or too obvious. The beauty of this collection is in the suggestion of seduction, rather than in your face SEX. Yes, there are cut away panels, zips leading off to our most secret places and bold design features that leave little to the imagination but – there’s the key. They do leave something to your imagination. The collection just encourages you to imagine certain things…

Something Wicked Carine Bodysuit Leanne Brook

This is the kind of underwear that women would love to see gift-wrapped on Valentines Day, and I can’t imagine many complaints from the boys either. However, while its lovely that the men may reap the benefits, Leanne has designed this collection for women – to encourage us to explore our sensuality, exude confidence and look screaming hot while we do it.

As you can probably tell, I’ve fallen in love with Leanne Brook’s designs and would quite happily snap up the lot IF ONLY THEY DID IT IN MY SIZE!

Perhaps I’ll just have to treat myself to something else a little bit saucy and leave the sexy bras to you lucky lot.

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The header image features Something Wicked’s Annabel Collection, while the lower image features the Savina Bodysuit, 1/2″ cuffs and Carina Bodysuit. Severe lingerie lust happening here.

  • Would you wear this kind of lingerie?
  • Do you already have some in your knicker drawer?
  • Or is it a bit too saucy for you?

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