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The Perfect Autumn Dress…

Urban Outfitters 75% sale

I love sales.

My bank balance does not like sales.

But. If you’re going to spend money in a sale, it’s always nice if it’s a 75% off sale. Because at least then it’s not SO damaging, right??

Right. Glad we’re all agreed.

I was just notified that Urban Outfitters currently have up to 75% off in their sale, so, like a moth to the proverbial flame, I couldn’t help but click. And what was the first thing I saw? Literally the perfect Autumn dress.

I love it so much I’m almost considering changing my haircut back to one like this so I can look like this picture. But perhaps that’s a little extreme.

After delving a little deeper, it’s good to see this isn’t a sale that is full of crap you wouldn’t buy at full price. It’s packed with great items, starting at under £20, so is affordable and desirable…just how I like it.

Go. Pick yourselves up some bargains. And tweet us/comment below to let us know what you ought….we’re very nosey!


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