10 ways to upgrade your life…

There’s a lot of talk about changing your life, achieving your goals and getting what you want. In fact there are probably over a million books, tapes, courses, lectures and events designed to help you do so (most of which I have probably bought, but I digress)

Self help material is great but the truth is, you only get results from things you DO. Day dreaming wont do it, reading about it won’t do it and talking about it certainly won’t.

Think of this stuff like putting fuel in your car; its ready, but you still have to take control and drive.


I’ve spent the last year and a bit sorting my life out, making some big changes and studying. Its only when I committed to taking action from what I was learning that things took off. My life has changed dramatically for the better – I recently launched an online program called Be Your Own Publicist and an online magazine. Since using the strategies in my own life, I have had my work featured around the world, and coached some amazing people in different countries.

If you are ready to upgrade your life in a seriously effective way then commit to following the points below.

I hope this piece inspires you to make changes that are meaningful to you.


Choose your influences

Take a good look at the people with whom you spend the most time. The people we are closest to have a huge affect on our thoughts, beliefs and behavior-and even our income!

A study found that we earn on average, the same as the 5 people closest to us. Want better results ? choose better influences.

Plan for what you want

Instead of just day dreaming about what you want, sit down and start to create a plan for it. Really, create a plan. Nothing is going to change until you take action about it. Write down what you want and all the steps you need to take, people you need to speak to and create a time frame around it.

Stop playing it small

Really, just stop. As I say to my clients “playing it small doesn’t actually help anyone, let alone you so stop” If you want to create changes in your life then its essential that you stop playing it small, holding yourself back and doubting yourself. Those ways of thinking have taken up far too much time. Lets let them go.

Stop worrying about what other people think

Another thing I say to clients is “You can worry about what people will think or you can get things done. You cant do both” and its true. Don’t hold yourself back for fear of hat people think, people are always going to have an opinion and it often has much more to do with them than anything else. Set yourself free from the worry game and start to thrive.


Spending a few minutes meditating in the morning can dramatically improve your day. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself. Find a method that works for you and commit to it, you’ll be so glad that you did (I don’t start my day until I have!)

Upgrade your knowledge

There is so much out there to learn and because of the age we live in, its so readily available. Choose a book or audio about something that you are interested in or cold benefit from learning about and start to upgrade your skills and knowledge. Your daily commute is the ideal time to do this. What would you love to know more about?

Question your routines

It can be as mundane as taking a new route to work or as profound as redecorating your flat but change is a good thing.

Since we are creatures of habit we tend to get stuck in ruts easily. If you usually go out on a Friday night after work but would rather have an early night then give yourself permission to change, its good to regularly take a look at the things you are doing and ask yourself if they are still serving you.

Manage your mind

What you believe about yourself will affect everything that you do, from your lifestyle choices, to how much you allow yourself to earn to the partners that you choose. A belief is just a repeated thought and you can choose new ones. It’s a daily process, look at your beliefs and see which ones are getting you the results you want and which ones aren’t then choose to create new ones. Yes, you can!

Cultivate habits that work for you

Whatever your goals are , make sure that your daily habits are supporting them. I always go through this with clients and its amazing what we find

If your goal is to have a certain amount of money in savings then begin to cultivate the habit of putting a certain amount of money away in a separate account each payday before you go to Selfriges! If its to lose weight then cultivate a healthier lifestyle rather than just hitting the gym and hoping for the best.

Pay it forward

Lets be honest, were incredibly lucky to live in the age that we do and have so many things at our fingertips. However, a lot of people are not in the same position. Instead of just worrying about your own problems, think about somebody who you can help in some way and commit to improving someone else’s life with the same energy you give to improving your own.

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