Tutti Frutti Nail Shades!

Sun is shining – weather is sweeeeeeeeeet!

We are absolutely loving the hotness…makes such a happy change to see blue skies rather than grey, and pretty spring-time outfits on all you lovely London ladies. We also love that we get to ditch the dark colours we’ve been painting our nails throughout the winter and inject a little bit of colour onto our fingers and toes, ready for those flip flops and sexy summer sandals!

So it’s been our absolute pleasure to spend the last week testing some perfect-for-springtime Tutti-Frutti Toma shades, that we think are absolutely ideal for holiday season.

First of all, lets talk product quality. I LOVE Toma. The polishes are available form Mad Beauty for around £7 each, so they’re not super expensive, yet so far, I’ve found them to be as good, if not better, than many of the more expensive brands I’ve tried. The lacquer glides on easily, and the brush is shaped well so there is a lot of control. The first coat appears thin, but once the second is on the colour is rich and vibrant. I’ve only used each colour for a couple of days, but they have lasted brilliantly and not chipped or peeled. I’d have to do a longer test to confirm that longer-term though. Best of all? The polish is touch dry within minutes, making it perfect for impatient people like little old me.

Toma literally have tons of colours available in their range, but this week we’ve tested Pistachio Cream, Mango Sorbet and Grape Sorbet, which are green, orange and a soft purple respectively. Throughout Winter, I may have gone for something classic like Merlot or Caramel, but I do love the brightness of these candy colours at this time of year – and they look great against my current tanned (Vita Liberata) skin. The Pistachio Cream has also attracted numerous compliments – even from a random lady on the tube – so it must look HOT!

(Please excuse the current state of my nails in the image above. SHOCKING!)

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