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As we all know the winter can cause major havoc to your skin. We are (well I hope you all are) great at protecting our skin during the summer months, but it seems to me that during winter you lot could use a little help. I have seen SO many grey faces in the last few weeks, that I called in my beauty expert, Will Malherbe, who happens to be my husbear too. See ladies, this is the way you do it. You bag yourself a gorgeous man, who works in the beauty industry and you are sorted. Good luck with finding one that likes fanny!

Anyway, here are few tips from the man himself on how to protect your skin from the harsh winter.

Msalonen (substituted for this once)

Does the skin on your body feel so much drier in winter? It sucks up a lot more lotion than in summer.

Well what about your face? If you’re using the same moisturizer on your face that you use in summer, you should think again.  Even outfits and fashion trends are rather different between seasons, your face should follow the lead.

Really look for extra hydrating and moisturizing products that will give your skin that I’ve-just-had-a-facial glow without leaving the skin sticky or shiny..

We LOVE Bobbi Brown Extra Moisture Balm SPF25

Just remember to rub a little between your hands and the pat on your face.

For seriously dry skin, you should try Origins All-purpose High-Elevation Cream Dry Skin Relief

The best thing about this cream is that you can use it all over. I use it on my face and hands every night and they thank me for it.

How about swapping that powder blush for a cream blush (extra moisture boost).  Do you have dryness, flakiness, redness? The good old faithful 8 Hour Cream from Elizabeth Arden is fab.
Lips, skin, elbows, you name it. Rub it in anywhere you like within reason. (Not loving the new packaging though).

Bobbi Brown Extra Soothing Balm.
Keep it in the hand bag. Dry split ends on hair, cuticles, dry skin patches, rash on the chin from kissing too much, dull skin…. It works wonders and smells great!

Pucker up! Lip balm lip balm lip balm. (You’ll want kissable lips for Valentine’s day) and a smooth lip is the best beginning for great lipstick looks.

PS ladies: trends are showing we’re growing out of the lip gloss and into lip stick. Loves it!

Strobe Cream from MAC

Revives the skin and adds a fashion-show-ready glow to the skin. Apply foundation over it.

And go on:
Drink tons of water, eat loads of carrots & lettuce (super high water content) and enjoy your fresh new year’s start up.

Will Malherbe – TLLWTL’s Beauty Advisor

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