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Sort Your Life Out – with Zoe & Carey

I am going to share a little secret with you lot. For the past six months I have been working with Zoe Clews and Carey Mann. Two amazing women I found through a friend of mine. As you can all imagine, I have many issues that I have to work with. (The people in my head don’t bother me that much, only when they are taking behind my back.) Anyway, I have few pieces coming up on what we have done together, what I have learned and how things are on the mend, so to speak. However, before I let you in on the secrets inside my head I have some detox related news.

You all know the drill, come January we all stop eating pizza, drinking wine and start back at the gym. This usually lasts about four days as we have no willpower. I know you are all reading this stuffing your faces with doughnuts, right? What you all need is a kick up the butt, not literally, but I am sure that can also be organized if needed. At the end of my last appointment, me and Carey were discussing life in general, having a little gossip and I told her about a friend of mine who wants to do detox and trying to decide which is the best way of doing it. Carey smiled and handed me a piece of paper detailing their “Weight loss detox retreat” in Bodrum, Turkey. BAM!

This is no ordinary detox week! It’s the perfect kick start to a rapid weight loss with medically supervised mental and physical detox. Beautiful settings, sun and the pool, meditation, yoga, deep relaxation and wellbeing. This is where it’s at. Now, I wouldn’t call Zoe and Carey witches, but some of the things I have learned with them are pure magic. For example, I now know how to stop a craving in minutes. It’s incredible. As I have a little history with the girls, I can safely say that this week is definitely worth every penny. If I could make room in my schedule to join them, I would book myself in asap. Unfortunately for now, I just have to settle for my weekly appointments.

There is plenty more information about the detox week here and if you have any questions, do get in touch with the girls. They are absolutely lovely and ever so amazing in the work they do. I have always been skeptical about hypnotherapy, EFT etc, but I am redesigning my life with Zoe and Carey and I would strongly advise anyone who feels a little “grey” to do the same.


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