A cry for help…


Today, I waited 2 hours past my appointment time to see a Consultant in my local hospital. That would take my total waiting time or Specialists over the last 5 years to approximately 8732 hours. OK, so I’m exaggerating…but not by much…

I was, shall we say, getting a little bit “cross” when, after about an hour and a half, the receptionist closed the shutters and left me alone in the waiting room. To wait.

However. I am now a little bit less cross. A miracle happened. The wait was worth it. I saw a Consultant who actually knew what she was talking about. I’d go so far in fact, to say that she had seen a back before, and not just in a text book. Which, in my experience of the NHS over the last few years, makes her an exception rather than the rule….

Anyway. This is not a place for me to waffle on about back problems. Oh no no no that would never do. This is a place for happy talk, and talk about pretty things. So I will mention just two key points out of the many hundreds of points that were mentioned and then go on to more important things.

First, the good news:

I am been prescribed some lovely new drugs, to replace some of the other old drugs that turned me into a zombie. They are going to relax my body without messing up my mind. Apparently they will make me “floppy”. I look forward to being floppy.

And now the bad:


Not only am I no longer allowed to wear heels (It has been a while since they informed me of this tragic news. It does not get better with time…) but I am now no longer allowed to wear flip flops either. I have to wear shoes that actually attach themselves to my feet.


There was some kind of talk about surgery, and trauma, and long term solutions, and not getting my hopes up, but by this point, my mind was drifting.

ChoosYou see, I love shoes. All shoes, but especially killer heels. Before the accident, I didn’t own a single pair of shoes that had a heel lower that 4 inches, except for the pair I tried to avoid going to the gym in. Since the accident, my heels have gradually shrunk, until last year when I finally gave in and accepted the fact that my 50 odd pairs of gorgeous, fabulous shoes with ridiculously high heels were now for viewing purposes only. And I bought some flats.

Problem is, a lot of those flats were flip flops. All kinds of flip flops. Gold, silver, embellished, plain. Beautiful ones, expensive ones, beachy ones, boho ones and glam ones.

And now, they have to be put onto the “do not use” pile too.

This means, as of now, I have a total of 3 pairs of shoes to my name that I am allowed to wear. This is bad news. 3 pairs of shoes is in no way acceptable. 3 pairs of shoes JUST WILL NOT DO!

So, after careful consideration, I guess I can look at this problem in two ways.Flip Flops

1. I can be sad, and shed a tear over the current lack of shoes. I can sit and stare at the ever growing pile of unwearable designer leather and sink into the realisation that I am, quite simply, buggered.


2. I can get a little bit excited. Because of course, this can be a very happy time. It means that a shoe shopping expedition is required. And, if I am not mistaken, it is currently SALE time on that marvellous Street we call High.

Ahhh my friends, the power of positive thinking!!

So, you gorgeous fashionistas – this is where I ask for your help. If you spot any fabulous gladiators – any sexy little flats, sporty pumps or sequinned slippers that I am going to HAVE to have – please let me know – assist me on my shoe finding mission! And, if you have any suggestions for stunning new outfits I can rock with flats, please do send them across to me and cheer me up. I need to form my very own fashion army to win this nasty hit & run battle!

GladiatorsSo much of my wardrobe consists of gorgeous little dresses that need heels to do them justice. I have no choice left but to shop and shop and shop until my Bank Manager cries real tears.

Always a silver lining hey?!


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