A day to remember…

I like not knowing whats going to happen next. I find schedules a little bit dull. Routine makes me itch. I find “planning” uncomfortable.

So last Thursday was like the best day EVER for me.

All I knew was that we had to be in London at 9.45 for breakfast, and that we would be involved in various experiences throughout the day. Stepping into unknown territory makes me happy.

You see, a few weeks ago I had received a mysterious invitation to be part of the Smartbox Hunt here in London – part of a simultaneous hunt taking place in 6 cities across the world. It was all rather exciting – I had no idea who else was involved or where we’d be going. My kind of fun.

So, over croissants and coffee we were divided into 6 teams of 6. Myself and my friend Linzi were ironically put into “Sporty Sexy” alongside Becky, Nina, John & Cynthia – which turned out to be a great group. After a quick briefing we were taken to our car and after opening our first clue were driven to destination 1 – the beautiful Merchant Taylor Hall – for the chance to make our own fragrances thanks to The Perfume Studio.

The challenge was to create a male and female fragrance, choose the packaging and decide on a name and strap-line…not as easy as it may sound! We were given 16 possible scents to blend together and had to choose a combination of top notes (which are the first to spin off your skin), middle notes and base notes (which are the longest lasting). We had so much fun, coming up with some preposterous names and hilarious strap-lines before settling on the final blends and our chosen name…which won the competition…but will remain a secret in case you choose to try the experience out for yourself!

Tower 42Next, we hopped back into our taxi for the short trip to the incredible Tower 42 – for one of the most random experiences ever. Once we were armed with security passes and walked through metal detectors we headed up in the first lift….then up in another….until we hit the roof. The view was INCREDIBLE. We towered above the famous Gherkin and even on a wintery day could see the entirety of London stretched out before us. For those of us that aren’t scared of heights it was an absolute joy and a great opportunity to take some amazing photo’s…while those of us that were perhaps a little more scared stepped up to take part in our next activity – GOLF!

Guided by a professional golfer, we were taught how to drive the ball and each shot was measured by a laser which worked out how far we’d hit it. I gave it a half-hearted attempt but bad shoulder and back-ness prevented any superstar performances…although my GORGEOUS friend Linzi hit the best ball of the day by far…a whopping 201 yards! Could have caused some pretty intensive damage, if there weren’t nets up of course 😉

From the excitement of golf came the most terrifying experience EVER. Six almost strangers, standing shoulder to shoulder…….belting out a Christmas Song in a bloody recording studio! This was possibly one of the funniest experiences of my life…I never knew singing so badly could be so amusing. We ended up slaughtering Mariah Careys “All I Want For Christmas” and getting on peoples wicks with all our insane giggling and bad notes – but this was by far the best bit of the day for us.

Finally, we were rushed back into our car and brought back to the gorgeous Merchant Taylor Hall for a lesson in Cocktail Making with Bars by Design and a fabulous prize giving ceremony. After our amazing team won 2 of the 3 cocktail making challenges (seriously, we rocked!) we managed to each bag a fabulous weekend away…courtesy of Smartbox. Fabulous!

The whole day was absolutely amazing and although it wore me out completely, it was a fabulous opportunity to get involved with a whole load of activities I never would have thought of before.

If you’re still looking at Christmas presents for the people you love, I cannot recommend Smartbox highly enough. From Spas to tastings to adventure experiences to crazy times in recording studios or with the marvellous men who run the Perfume Studio…there are hundreds of great events to choose from meaning they genuinely do have something for everyone…and will go all out to make the whole encounter enjoyable for everyone in your group.

I loved it!

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    December 13, 2009 at 3:16 pm

    Wow this sounds like you had such a fantastic day! x

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