A Grown Up Sized Bouncy Castle is Coming To The South Bank…

…and I want to be the first to jump on it!

I know, I know, I’ve not been around here much recently, and for that, I’m sorry. I’ve been busy doing Mummy and business things and in all fairness I’m a little afraid of my monstrous inbox these days, so I guess I needed something a bit special to drag me back in. And in my world, there’s not an awful lot more special than a 7 metre tall bouncy castle for grown ups. So I’m back!

Yep, it’s no word of a lie – a 7m tall bouncy castle is hitting London’s South Bank between 3-5 March, and jumping of this beast of bounciness will be absolutely free. I always appreciate free. Free is nice, isn’t it?

OK…so it’s free….but you may well have to sell off a few of your principals to get involved. Especially if, like me, you’ve been screaming DO NOT INVITE ME TO CANDY CRUSH YOU FOOLS at your Facebook screen for years. The massive toy (dubbed “Bouncingham Castle”) is being installed to mark the launch of the Candy Crush Jelly Saga game (so prepare yourself for 3000 more invitations, YAY).

It’s not all bad though. They’re taking gamification to a whole new level and will have you killing your friends in Hunger Games style battles competing against your friends for the title of Best Bouncer (I made that bit up)…with the best of you getting prizes for your efforts. Apparently it will smell of raspberry jelly too. As long as they’re not expecting us to wrestle in it, I guess.

I’m not a big fan of Candy Crush, me. Because I have a life, and no time for that shit.

I am a fan of massive bouncy castles though….so sod it, I’m going in. Coming??!

PS: I refuse to use the Godawful promo picture being touted around for this, despite the fact every other website has. Because it’s this. And I think we can all agree, we’re better than that. So have one of some South Bank Graffitti instead, until I can get my mitts on an ACTUAL photo. You’re welcome 😉 x

PPS: If you really want a picture of a massive bouncy castle, have this one. It’s my friend’s, it’s at Ocean Club in Ibiza and it’s awesome. Go play.

ocean club ibiza

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