A new Social Network for fashion…and a showcase for up-and-coming Designers

I love the interwebz. Handy really, as working on it is my job.

It’s an unlimited source of wonderful. You could literally never run out of new things to see and learn. Whatever mood you’re in, there’s something for you; the daily funnies; the news; the shopping; the weird and outrageous; the melonchony.

It’s the modern-age never-ending story.

I like what I’ve discovered on today’s journey through the pages. It’s a new (still developing) website, that’s a kind of mini-social network for fashionistas. (previously allows new Designers a platform in which they can display their work, and allows them to gage public opinion on the pieces through a voting system. Users can click through designs in an easy-to-use interface, voting and commenting on those they like, showing the designers which pieces would be more popular, and giving them a clear idea of which should be produced. Users can also put together their own portfolio, showing other users their individual style, and allowing them to chat with each other. screenshot (click to enlarge)

All well and good as it stands, but they’re not stopping there. The team at are planning a whole lot more, and there are many more features they hope to add soon. Eventually, they’re aiming to empower the Designers and give them a platform to be able to create and sell their work, opening up channels to manufacturers and encouraging a transparent sales model. It could be a really innovative and interesting project, if the funding gets finalised.

For now? It’s a gorgeous website where you can play with new fashion ideas and broaden your horizons when it comes to Designers. There are some seriously talented people already on board, so it’s worth taking a look. I fell in love with a few pieces at first glance, so when there’s the ability to buy them as well? It could be dangerous! At this stage, if the items are available to buy from another website, there’s a quicklink function that takes you directly there. I really like it.

They’ve made it really easy to sign up with facebook or email, so you can just log in and start following/liking Designers and looks. They have both menswear and womenswear, so something for every fashion lover.

A nice site, and good to see someone giving a leg up to new Designers.

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