Advice from Tom Ford: 15 Things Every Man Should Have…


Tom Ford is one of the world’s most stylish men.

This is a non-negotiable fact. The man oozes glamour and elegance from every pore. He’s special – exceptionally good looking, supremely talented, and a devoted partner to his long term love, Richard Buckley, with whom he has just had his first child (Congratulations Tom & Richard!). He is basically what everyone is this world wants (except women want him to love them instead, of course).

So when we stumbled across Tom Ford’s 15 tips every man should have, we thought it was fair – our duty in fact – to share with our male readers. The tips were part of a conversation Tom had with for their 15 year anniversary, and we agree with every single one.

15 things every man should have…

1. A sense of humour

It’s so important! You’ll often hear women put it at the top of their wishlist when looking for a man and there’s good reason for that. You can be Tom Ford good looking, but if you’re dull, or don’t have the ability to laugh at yourself…it’s a deal breaker, I’m afraid!

2. A daily read of the newspaper

Again – so true! A well informed man is so attractive. And we’re not talking the Sun here, boys…being well informed on the breast size of Keeley from London is unlikely to impress anyone…except the local builders. Read something intelligent. Listen to other opinions, to enable you to form your own. Wow others with your knowledge. It will get you far.

3. A sport that you love and are good at

We all know the majority of British men love watching football. Which is fine, as long as it’s not a hooligan-level obsession. But Tom thinks you should have a sport you love and are good at too. Whether it’s cricket, rugby, or even frisbee (which is a sport, I’m assured) get out, be active, and enjoy it. If nothing else, it will keep you fit and give you a whole new social circle.

4. Tweezers

This is possibly the best advice ever. All men should have a pair of tweezers in their toolbox. There is absolutely nothing wrong with plucking away those stray hairs, from your nose, eyebrows, ears…or wherever else they start cropping up. There IS, however, something wrong with letting your strays run free. Pluck away gents. Just remember less is more and don’t overdo it. That’s never a good look.

Try these Tweezerman wide-grip tweezers – £17.99. They even have man in the name. And they’re some of the best on the market.

5. A good cologne that becomes a signature

There is nothing sexier than a good smelling man. It’s a fact. There are certain scents that make you stop on the tube platform and stare, trying to work out which man was wearing THAT smell. The right smell depends on you, but grown up, deep smells are the ones that catch my attention. Wear the same aftershave everyday so it becomes instantly recognisable when you enter a room. Be careful not to overdo it though. A subtle amount is always much more powerful than too much…that will only make people run in the other direction.

Try Tom Ford for Men eau de toilette – £60. Not just because this article is about Tom Ford. Because it’s divine.

6. A well cut dark suit

This man is good. A dark suit will flatter ANY man – and these days, you don’t have to spend your life savings to get one that’s made exactly for you. Companies like A Suit That Fits offer bespoke suits, in hundreds of styles and fabrics, made precisely to your measurements. However, you can also get great options by hunting around the department stores and trying on a few options (such as this Jasper Conran suit at Debenhams*, just £114). The affordable options are good but may show signs of wear fairly soon – or you can splash out on something special (like this Alexander McQueen beauty) that will last you years!

(*Today only – get free P&P at Debenhams with code SHFS at the checkout!)

7. A pair of classic black lace up shoes

Men. Pay attention. A surprisingly large number of women, and increasingly men, will look at your shoes when meeting you. I know countless girls who say that the first things they notice are eyes, smile, shoes and watch. A scrappy old pair just will not do. It doesn’t matter if you only have 3 pairs of shoes in your wardrobe, just make sure they are quality, clean and stylish. No man can go wrong with a pair of classic black lace ups.

Take a look at this classic pair with a slight twist, from Jones Bootmakers – £175

8. A smart blazer

Yes, yes, YES. A smart blazer works well on everyone (Men and women, by the way). Team it with jeans if you’re aiming for smart casual, or wear with smart trousers for a more distinguished look. Tom Ford is known for always looking perfectly groomed and is rarely seen without a blazer – so follow in his unquestionabley stylish footsteps and do the same. Visit Liberty of London for this classic Paul Smith blazer, or visit House of Fraser for a more affordable, but still gorgeous Ted Baker version.

9. The perfect pair of dark denim jeans.

Tom is doing all the hard work here, and creating your capsule wardrobe. Listen to the man. These few items will allow you to look stylish for literally every occasion, and have women’s heads turning as you walk by. Or mens. Or both. Not fussy here. A well cut pair of jeans makes all the difference to men of any shape. It’s worth taking some time and trying on numerous pairs in different cuts to find the ones that are right for you. If you go to somewhere like Selfridges, they have great staff who will help you pick a style that will suit and advise you on what to avoid.

If you want to invest, try these Maison Martin Margiela jeans – £280. Obviously cheaper alternatives are available!

10. Lot’s of crisp white cotton shirts.

Just imagine the look that’s just been created. A gorgeous, slim fitting pair of dark jeans. Crisp white shirt. Well cut blazer, gleaming black shoes and a subtle waft of musky aftershave as you walk by. It’s perfect. You’re perfect. Or you will be, when you follow this advice…

Try Thomas Pink for reasonably priced quality shirts. They often have deals on, including Free UK Delivery on orders over £50.

11. Always new socks and underwear. Throw away the old ones every six months.

Oh if only more men did this! Admit it. You wear the same pants until they have a hole in, and they’re usually the ones your Mum got you for Christmas! SHAPE UP boys! It’s not hard, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Stick with plain white or black boxers (in my opinion), either quality cotton or fitted, and take a leaf from @DragonJones’s book and express your personality with your choice of socks. Just no cartoon characters, please. You’re no longer 12…

12. A classic Tuxedo

When I conjure up an image of Tom Ford – he’s usually wearing a Tuxedo. The man is famous for the look and pulls it off perfectly. Sure, a handmade Tom Ford Tux would probably set him you back about $25,000, but you can get one in your wardrobe for much less – and you never know when you’ll need one for an awards ceremony, party or wedding. If your weight stays releatively stable, buying a tux will probably work out cheaper than repeatedly hiring in the end. AND you’ll look like James Bond. And what on earth could be wrong with that?

Selfridges do a stunning Armani Tux for £1200, while Debenhams do versions starting from £160.

13. A beautiful day watch with a metal band

I have been trying to explain the importance of a good watch to my other half for ages. If you’re in business, a good watch is important. Now, to get a REALLY good watch, such as a Panerai, you’ll be looking at well over £5,000; absolutely worth it if you have the money to invest in a quality timepiece. If that’s over your budget for now though, you can find plenty of options that look fantastic at places like

14. The perfect sunglasses

Sunglasses really are something that’s entirely personal. There is no such thing as one pair that fits all. Of course, there are the classics that most people can get away with, but really sunglasses are something you should try on, compare, and see what fits your shape best. I’m sure Tom would rather like it if you bought your shades from him – but get what suits you best. The right shape can make you look ridiculous cool – while the wrong shape will make you look ridiculous.

Tom Ford sunglasses at House of Fraser – from £202.40

15. Perfect Teeth. If you don’t have them, save up and get them fixed.

There. That’s you told.

It’s true though – see number 7 – a smile is one of the first things us ladies notice. Personally, I don’t mind a slightly uneven smile, but there is no excuse for rotting or yellowed teeth. Visits to the Hygienist aren’t expensive. Plus – you can usually find deals for teeth whitening or veneers on Groupon or other money saving sites. If you don’t feel comfortable smiling your widest smile, it is well worth the investment. Tom says so. And who are we to argue with Tom Ford?

Laser teeth whitening, scale and polish – £114, reduced from £450 (Available until midnight, 11th October)

So there you go. A guide on how to be stylish, from Tom Ford, to you. And here, for your reference, is a cut out and keep reminder to pop in your wallet and carry with you everywhere. Handy….

15 things every man should have - Tom Ford

Take heed, men-friends. Take heed!

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    keven peterson
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    I am really glad to see your blog. tom ford is looking so nice. personally i like his style so much. His style are awesome.

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    Dell Deaton
    December 1, 2013 at 1:53 pm

    This from the guy who’s been dressing Daniel Craig as if James Bond should wear too-small suits handed down from his older brother, fitted by his nearsighted mommy for school?

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