Amazing Charity Idea from A Suit That Fits…Helping the Homeless Get Back Into Work.

As many of you know, I try to do my best for Charity and I have the utmost respect for anyone who does the same. From individuals who help as and when they’re able, to high net worth individuals who donate huge portions of their wealth, to organisations who donate a percentage of their profits and everyone in between. If you’re in a position to help a cause that means something to you – I would encourage you to do so. You really can make a difference with just a few pounds here and there.

It fills me with joy then, when I saw this morning that my pals over at A Suit That Fits have launched a heart-warming new initiative, helping to give homeless people a helping hand back into work. And it’s a plan with a difference. For once, this isn’t about asking you to dig deep into your pockets and hand over your hard-earned pennies.

No. They’re actually asking for your pockets. And trousers. And jackets. The lot.

So how does it work? Simple. A Suit That Fits are asking you to donate any old, unwanted suits, that will then be donated to the homeless to help them get back into work. Perfect for interviews and at new jobs, these donations can help turn someones life around.

And in return? A Suit That Fits aren’t just offering you a warm, fuzzy feeling and a little hug. They’re offering you a £50 Gift Voucher, to be redeemed against anything in their extensive, and rather beautiful range.


With nearly 80% of homeless people wanting to get a job and support themselves, I’d urge you all to have a nose through your wardrobe and dig out anything that may not fit, is not your style anymore, or that you can genuinely spare to help others. It’ll clear some space, and get you £50 in your pocket. Perfect if you want to freshen up your closet, or as a gift to someone you love.

Here are some people who have been helped by the charities so far:

Paul is a trustee at Broadway – he is 57 and came to Broadway in 2008

In 2003, Paul was married with two children, and living in London, where he owned his own construction business with a childhood friend. When he caught his wife having an affair with his business partner, not only did his marriage breakdown, but it also signalled the end of his business. When he approached the council for help, he was informed that he was not a priority for housing, and he ended up sleeping on the streets. Due to the trauma of this, Paul started drinking heavily as a coping mechanism. After a long process of rehab, social services put Paul in touch with Broadway. Paul is now an incredibly active member of not just Broadway, but homelessness services throughout London. He is now living completely independently, and looking for a job.

Jared, aged 20, came to Amber in August 2011

Jared spent 2 weeks living on the streets following a period of ‘sofa surfing’ – being homeless meant he was unable to get a job. Jared says

“I recently attended an army selection weekend and interview; for the interview I used the money I had saved since being at Amber to purchase a suit as I wanted to make a good impression.”

Hollie, aged 19, was at Amber from April to December 2011

Hollie was forced out of home because of violence in the household and then was subjected to domestic violence by her boyfriend. Holly says,

“Amber supported me through everything; they helped me increase my confidence. Now I have a managerial role at one of the biggest food companies in the world!”


Nice work, A Suit That Fits.

I have one or two items I’ll certainly be donating, and will be actively encouraging my friends of all ages to do the same.

If you have any thoughts on this or make a donation, please let comment below and let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

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