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A few weeks ago, you may remember that I organised a London Blogger Meet Up.

It was really good fun, and those who braved the wind and rain (and non-running London transport – cheers TFL) all seemed to really enjoy themselves. It was fantastic to meet some really cool people, some of whom I’d been chatting with online for ages, and some of whom were brand new (to me, and Blogging!)

On the night, it was suggested we form a Facebook group, as there isn’t a decent one out there especially for London Bloggers (and influencers – YouTubers etc totally welcome too). So, I went and did it. And I hope, with the help of Poppy & The Bees, we’ll be able to form a great little network of Londoners who love Blogging and want to make their corner of the internet the happiest little place it can be.

The group is open to all London (and nearby) Bloggers, covering all subjects. We hope that we can create (and moderate!) a group in which Bloggers of all levels can ask advice, share insights, talk about opportunities and stumbling blocks, vent, network and of course, organise some get-togethers where like-minded bloggers can have a coffee or (let’s be honest here) a wine or two while forging what may turn out to be firm friendships.

There are (or will be) spaces to share your social profiles, latest creations (for lots of categories so you can identify what’s going to interest you) and we’ll be adding new documents all the time, for things like companies offering good deals to London Bloggers, FAQ’s and recommended photographers/designers.

The members we have already “recruited” include some ridiculously talented individuals far better at all this than me, who’ve created super-blogs, written for nationals, spoken at huge events and who I generally bow down to. They also include newbie Bloggers who are just starting out. So whatever your level, there’s no need to feel intimidated. No question is silly and no request too big (probably).

So, if you’re a London based Blogger/Influencer who wants to join a growing community who can hopefully help each other out and support each other through awards, set backs and whatever else comes along….please do add yourself to London Blog Network on Facebook (or track us on Twitter with #LDNBlogNetwork). I look forward to meeting/seeing you soon!

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    Miranda | Miranda's Notebook
    October 16, 2015 at 10:18 am

    I’ve been looking for a decent London bloggers’ group so I’m so excited to see this post! Requesting to join the facebook group right now 🙂 xxx

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