Art: A Book on One Page

I came across this beautiful idea last week and loved it so much, I had to share.

Spineless Classics, a UK based company, have taken some of our favourite classic books and printed the whole text on one page. The resulting image creates a stunning representation of the story in a gorgeous artwork print, which is perfectly legible to those with 20/20 vision. A little help may be needed for those who need glasses, of course.


Alice in Wonderland full book print from Spineless Classics


Wind in the Willows full book print from Spineless Classics



Life of Pi full book print from Spineless Classics

As a huge book lover, I absolutely adore the way the end result looks. The text wraps around the images, rather than fading off at the edges, so every word can be read. I think it’s a lovely way to keep some of these wonderful books alive in a gorgeous way for the next generation; I would certainly love to have one of these on my child’s bedroom wall (when I finally have one!)

There are a whole host of books to choose from, including The Bible, Life of Pi, Emma, Pride and Prejudice, War and Peace, Romeo and Juliet, Harry Potter, The Secret Garden and more.

What do you think? Worth the £40? Would you buy one?

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