Art: Beautiful Illustrations Depicting Modern Life…

When it comes to art, I have eclectic tastes, but one thing that always grabs my attention is colour.

Beautiful, vivid, intense colour. Whether it’s found in photography, modern art or street art – great use of colour and tone makes all the difference to me. I could never purchase a painting that appeared muted or depressing. For me, it has to be vibrant.

Colour is what first made me fall in love with these illustrations from French-American Artist, Pascal Campion. But after a first look, it’s so much more than that. Each of these images tells a story – he’s somehow managed to captivate the feeling of modern life, and get it on paper.

pascalcampion8 pascalcampion7 pascalcampion4 pascalcampion2 pascalcampion1

I’m a huge fan- and think each of these illustrations is incredible. I’d happily pay good money for a print.

What do you think? Let me know in the comment box below!


(Thanks to MyModernMet for featuring these illustrations first)

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