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Andy Cato Photography "Times and Places" Groove Armada

Groove Armada have been a favourite band of mine for as long as I can remember. Sand Dunes has been the theme trip to many a road-trip to Brighton, and Superstylin’ brings back the best memories of a brilliant friend who now lives thousands of miles away. Every time I hear it I think of her and smile about crazy days gone by.

So I was interested to hear that Andy Cato of Groove Aramada is releasing a solo album, and to celebrate, is also hosting a photographic exhibition of his own work at The Book Club until June 25th.

The album, ‘Times & Places’, will be released on 29th April on Apollo Records/R&S. The album was recorded over the past 20 years, from Andy’s pre-Groove Armada free party days, during their rise to becoming one of the greatest British dance acts of all time and right through to today.

The sound of the new album is instantly recognisable, with a true GA vibe.

The ‘Times & Places’ exhibition will launch on 25th April with a public event featuring DJ sets from Andy and Mulletover’s Geddes from 8pm. Each of the exhibited photographic works is a visual document of the past 20 years of British dance music culture.

I’m going. Are you?

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