ART: Photographer Follows Girlfriend Around the World with BEAUTIFUL Results…

I am in love with this series of photographs from Russian Photographer Murad Osmann. He has traveled around the world with his (SUPER HAWT) girlfriend, and documented their holidays with some stunning photographs, aptly titled “Follow Me To…”

Each image shows hottie leading Murad by the hand into a scene, an adventure, a new world. They evoke feelings of adventure, excitement, togetherness…LOVE.

Follow Me To...London

Follow Me To

Follow Me To...Paris

Follow Me To...the meadow

Follow Me To...Rio

I absolutely adore the photography, and love the way each one opens up into a vibrant wonderland. What do you think? A fan like me, or are they not really your thing? Please comment below, I’d love to hear your opinions.

You can see the full set of Murad Osmann photographs over at Thanks to Nick Delaney, who brought these to my attention.

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