Have Your (Gluten-Free or Vegan) Cake And Eat It…

Over the last few years, there has been an invasion of the cupcakes in London. You can hardly turn around without being smushed in the face with some cream cheese frosting, and every event, EVERYWHERE, has some kind of cake pop present.

I’m really not complaining though. I like cakes. Who doesn’t like cakes? Cakes are lovely.

One thing I found really hard though, since living mainly on a Paleo diet, is having to turn down all the lovely cakes I’m faced with, because the ingredients don’t work for me anymore. I can’t eat processed white flour so standard cupcakes are out for me. And I’m not the only one. Vegans and people with intolerances all have to turn down the yumminess for their own reasons, or suffer the consequences.

Not fair. Not fair at all.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. As you may have seen from my tweets and instagram – I’m a big fab of home baking. So, although I can’t necessarily pounce of every cupcake available, I can make my own, equally delicious ones at home.

There are tonnes of recipes on the internet…and I have tried many. I have also found that many failed miserably – and there is little that is  more frustrating than waiting for cakes, and desperately wanting cakes, and then producing cakes that taste like dust. Honestly. It’s worse than A LOT.

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So I’ve found a fail-safe way to make absolutely delicious cakes and baked treats suitable for vegans, paleo princesses and those of you with wheat and dairy intolerances.

You may have seen me write about my favourite tea-shop in London, Bake-a-Boo before. Well, one of the best things about this darling little store is the variety they produce. Cakes for everyone – normal, vegan, gluten and dairy intolerant. The owner, Zoe, has a number of food allergies herself, which pushed her into creating the delicious recipes for her cakes in the first place.

I always knew that there was a Bake-a-Boo cookbook available, but I didn’t delve into it until I went Paleo. I’m pleased I did. It’s packed with delicious recipes, including an incredible 19 types of cupcakes. There’s a good mix of both standard and “intolerance friendly” recipes, so something for everyone. I’ve tried lots of them now and will post pictures soon, but they’ve all turned out really well. The best bit is, people can’t even tell the difference between the “normal” recipes I used to bake, and the new ones I’ve tried.

That has to be a good thing?!

If you want to pick up a copy of the book, you can get it from the shop in West Hampstead (where you can also sample the best gluten free afternoon tea in London for yourself, and fall in love with the store as much as I have) or order online at Amazon. It really is perfect for anyone looking for gluten-free cake recipes, vegan recipes or just those with a love of baking great cakes!

I’d love to know if you’ve baked any of the Bake-a-boo recipes for yourself, and how they’ve turned out? Or if you’ve tried any of the cakes or the afternoon tea in store – they’re the best in the business, right??!

(PS: If you need some gluten-free or vegan cakes, but are not a fan of baking, you can also call the store and Zoe will whip up a batch for you. Just be sure to give her enough notice!)

Bake-a-Boo can be found at:

86 Mill Lane
Tel: 020 7435 1666

See the website for opening times.

Click for more food and drink  or recipe posts. Hope you like them!


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