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The Best Places for an Alcohol Free Night Out in London

Let me start by saying, I never thought I’d be writing this article. Hell. Let’s face it. I’m partial to Prosecco, wild about Whisky and mad for (and after) Martinis.

BUT. I don’t drink anywhere near as much, or as regularly as I used to. And, having been pregnant, I completely understand what it’s like to want a night out in London and NOT be surrounded by trashed arseholes spilling Tequila down your top.

I also recognise how many different types of people don’t want to drink on a night out. Whether it’s dry January, Religion, choice or necessity, not everyone wants a night out that’s measured by the amount of Vodka you can neck.

This particular post is triggered by a friend, who asked for some ideas for a night out for a mixed age group of non-drinkers. It’s something I’d never really thought about on scale before, so it made me curious. Of course, there are options like the Theatre, or cinema…but not ALL non-drinkers want to have a quiet night out. Not drinking doesn’t mean not fun. You can still have a dance, and a mocktail, and a good old night out laughing with friends, without booze. So, if that sounds like it might appeal to you, here’s my list of the best alcohol free bars in London.

  1. Redemption Bar 

    For the purists amongst us, Redemption is the only Vegan, Alcohol free restaurant/bar in London (first Notting Hill, now Shoreditch too) that is as pure as the driven snow. Produce on the menu is locally sourced, and organic wherever possible. There is zero alcohol on site. Think this wouldn’t work in London? Well, venue number two tells us they’ve found a niche that needed finding. Bravo, Redemption.

  2. The Permit Bar 

    Bombay has been in a state of Prohibition since 1949. Dishoom Shoreditch’s Permit Room gives a nod to this, as only people with a permit are allowed to consume alcohol in the Permit Room. Now. This doesn’t mean they don’t serve alcohol; they do and it’s delicious. However, they also serve killer mocktails that are just as good as the originals, and at only around £4 each? Suits your wallet as well as your morning after. (Dishoom in general is brilliant for virgin drinks, by the way)

  3. Be at One 

    Surprisingly, Be at One have a rather impressive line up of non-alcoholic drinks available (16 at last count). Plus, there’s an excellent party atmosphere, so you can dance, enjoy and do your thing without having to think about who’s puking on the nightbus or how bad you’re going to feel in the morning. Seriously impressed by how much thought has gone into the chain’s virgin menu.

  4. The Connaught Bar 

    At the swankier end of the scale, The Connaught Bar (at The Connaught Hotel, unsurprisingly) has a wonderful selection of non-alcoholic drinks in the “Innocence” section of their drinks menu. The non-alcoholic drinks here are no after-thought; they’re well thought out and made with love and care. A perfect date option, if alcohol is on, or off the table.

  5. Dandelyan at The Mondrian 

    Universally recognised as one of the most inventive cocktail bars in London, the sensational Dandelyan thankfully hasn’t neglected it’s alcohol-free clients. Four out of the twenty drinks on the menu are “boozeless”, and they’re made with as much passion as the rest. This is a beautiful bar to hang out in, right on the banks of the Thames. Definitely worth a look.

  6. Ronnie Scott’s 

    Ronnie’s proclaims to offer something for everyone when it comes to the Arts, and YAY, their drinks menu includes the same variety. If you fancy a bit of live music, you can happily do so while enjoying refreshing, non-alcoholic drinks for just £5 each.

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