Batman is Real…and Coming to the Rescue in 2012

It’s Friday. The Sun is shining. And I’m about to warm even the hardest of hearts…

If you were alive and on the internet last week, you probably would have seen the amusingly insane story about the guy being pulled over on Route 29 in America, dressed head to toe as Batman, in a black Batmobile styled Lamborghini. Why was he pulled? Because there was something funny about his license plates. Funny, in that they were THE BAT SIGNAL. Amazing.

Didn’t see it? No? Well, the full story is here…

Funny. (They let him go, by the way. Didn’t even make him take off his mask….)

Turns out, however, that this particular Batman is not some nutter…but a real life super-hero.

Lenny B. Robinson, a self-made Businessman from Baltimore, dresses this way to visit terminally sick kids with cancer in hospital and delivers piles of Batman memoribilia, paid for out of his own fortune. He is said to spend around $25,000 a year on presents for these children, and signs each and every last piece as Batman. Larry has been making bat-calls to hospital’s since 2001, and visits the kids at least a couple of times a month – sometimes more often. He asks their names, gives each a present – and makes them feel better…if only for the short while he can stay.

You can read more of this story over at the Washington Post, but really…that just made my day.

You can only imagine how beautiful it must be to see those kid’s faces light up when the real life Batman walks in.

Just goes to show what a wonderful world this can be, when people give back a little.

Happy Friday x

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