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It’s been a while since I’ve written about beautification. Not because I haven’t been making myself beautiful (or trying to!) with lots of lovely products…more like there have been so many fab things come through that I don’t know where to start.

But as I’ve just sat here, painting my nails in advance of tonight’s Birthday extravaganza, I thought I had to tell you about the rather perfect polishes I’ve been using, from ELF.

If you haven’t heard of ELF Cosmetics (which stands for Eyes Lips Face…not little people with pointy ears) you really should check them out. I have so far become addicted to their eyelid primer, which helps keep your shadow in place for hours, and their fabulous range of nail colours, which glide on seamlessly, dry in minutes and stay in place, chip free, for days.

Now I should probably point out, I am USELESS with my nails. I neglected them for years, and have some terrible habits…including picking polish off once it’s finally on. I also struggle to paint them neatly and usually give up on a varnish within minutes if it’s anything less than struggle-free.

Which is where the ELF range comes in. For the last 3 or 4 weeks, I have worn them religiously. The colour lasts brilliantly with hardly any chipping so I’ve only needed to redo them every 5 or so days.  The colours are bang on trend and there is even a matte finisher, which I love. My favourite shade so far is red velvet, a dark red with a metallic hint that is perfect for evenings – and is going to set off my outfit perfectly tonight!

Definitely recommend checking out the range for yourself – because best of all – they are SUPER cheap at just £1.50 each! Buy one of every colour and have some fun.

Have a great weekend guys x

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