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Le Peep Boutique Event

Last Thursday, around 100 Bloggers and brand representatives joined together at the GORGEOUS Le Peep Boutique in Mayfair for #LLBlogEvent. It was an evening of informal talks and networking for new, old, experienced and constantly-learning Bloggers, and the lovely companies and agencies who want to work with them. And whilst I don’t want to seem like I’m blowing my own trumpet (because honestly, very little of the event’s success was down to me) it was BRILLIANT.

I won’t lie, it wasn’t all easy! There were last minutes changes, various moments of panic, and it was only thanks to my uber-talented friend and hairdresser Pierre turning up to the venue with minutes to go that I was presentable on the night – but once the doors opened, I was blown away by how brilliantly everyone did and how much everyone seemed to enjoy it. And I’m not taking an ounce of credit for it…the team I pulled together made it happen and I’m so proud of all of them.

For those who weren’t there, I’ll give you a little run down of the evening. The doors to Le Peep Boutique opened at 6.30 and guests arrived promptly. Everyone was treated to a yummy vodka cocktail at the bar and delectable Bake a Boo cupcakes were strategically placed for everyone’s enjoyment (although they looked so pretty a few people asked if they were real!)

Just after 7pm the music faded and I made a few introductions – starting with my darling friend Lorna, who talked us through the reason behind the event. We were all there raising money for Trinity Hospice in Clapham, who helped care for our fellow Blogger Lisa Lynch (author and subject of The C Word), and Lorna (who was extremely close with Lisa) read out a beautiful blog entry from Lisa detailing exactly how much fondness she had for Trinity. It was beautiful and moving and Lorna was brave and strong and funny (as she always is) and managed to keep the mood light, despite the weight of the subject. I don’t think there was one person in the room who didn’t appreciate the importance of the cause we were all supporting!

Lorna then introduced one of the UK’s top Beauty Bloggers, Hayley Carr from London Beauty Queen. Hayley talked the audience through her journey as a Blogger, from starting 5 years ago to now, where it’s her full time job. Hayley offered some fantastic insights and offered some honest, helpful advice which saw the Bloggers in the room hanging onto (and jotting down) every word! Hayley explained the importance of not being greedy, of being passionate about your subject and choosing what you write about carefully. I’ve been blogging for 8 years, and I learnt loads.

Muireann Carey-Campbell, who writes and was next and had the room in stitches with her unique take on how blogging changed her life. I think Bangs’ talk really illustrated that “making it” as a Blogger isn’t easy, and how sometimes real success comes from left-field. She’s made a lot of changes and gone in a different direction than her original vision, but it’s working out brilliantly for her. This is a woman who went from never running at all to running Marathon’s (and helping others do the same) in just a matter of months. She’s awesome.

Next, Rebecca Brown from The Bloggers Lounge talked through some of their most frequently asked questions, and gave some invaluable tips to the Bloggers in the room. She talked about growing your audience and working with brands and had everyone hooked on every word. You can find her advice on these, and heaps of other topics on their website and facebook pages and I suggest you head there if you want to learn more! It was one of the most info-pcked talks we’ve ever had and I loved it. I’m a huge fan of Bloggers Lounge and the work they do. Sign up and be part of it if you want to lean more.

Finally, the lovely Katy Horwood from All Sweetness and Life took to the stage to talk about the importance of being authentic, and saying what you believe rather than what you think people want to hear. Katy writes a dating blog and it was really interesting to hear from someone who doesn’t write about products (and therefore doesn’t do many reviews, or get many freebies). She was funny, forthright and fantastic and rounded up the evening perfectly.


After the talks there were drinks, chats, a lot of laughing and some sensational goody bags packed with treats.   The response to the event has been fantastic. We managed to raise HUNDREDS of pounds for Trinity, which is a success in itself, but also achieved over 2.7million hashtag impressions, with a reach of 400,000 – which is fantastic for a relatively small event! I’m over the moon so many people were engaging with what the Speakers were saying and sharing the content they loved. Plus, and this makes me really happy, we had a roomful of Bloggers leave inspired, motivated and full of new ideas.   As Lorna said.

“Lisa Lynch would have loved this.”

As much as I’m really proud at how the event turned out, as I said above, very little of it was actually down to me. I appreciate that this isn’t an Oscars speech, but there is a long list of people I’d like to thank because without them, it would have been a very sad and lonely affair…   Speakers  


















Goody bag suppliers  

    • Lab2 Beauty


  • Bulldog Skincare



  • QCumber Water



  • Revlon



  • Anchor



  • Jane Plan



  • iTools



  • Nailene



  • Fingr’sPrint



  • Trim



  • Amway Artistry



  • OPPO (for the one off pair of Headphones – who got those??)



And of course

    • Trinity Hospice @trinityhospice


  • All of Lisa’s friends and family who gave us support



Last but definitely not least, thank you to every single person who came, helping us raise money for Trinity. I would LOVE to hear from you if you attended. Let us know what you liked, which speakers you found most inprirational, any questions you’ve been left with, what else you’d like to know – or what changes you’ve made already. Please do comment below, or use the event hashtag #LLBlogEvent and tag anyone included to chat with us on Twitter. Here’s some of the feedback we had already…

There’ll be a few further posts over the coming days with more in-depth information and photographs, but I’ll leave now just by saying THANK YOU again to all involved, as we did a great thing for charity and my heart bursts knowing we’ll be able to make someone’s last days a whole lot brighter. YOU did that. And it is amazing.

Thank you.


(You can still donate in Lisa Lynch’s name directly to Trinity here. Please do. Just read the page, and you’ll see why it matters so much x)

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