Once in a Blue Moon…

It’s Christmas party season and like most, I am as busy as hell. It’s actually quite ridiculous this year. Not that I am complaining at all, you understand…and of course I will try to share as much of the fun stuff with you as I can…

Earlier this week I got an invite to The Blue Moon party. I was intrigued. North American beer in the middle of winter? Am I really going to wanting to drink chilled beer when there is mulled wine all around me? Clearly they knew something I didn’t, and I always like to be educated, so I put on my glad rags and headed to The Luxe in East London to find out exactly what’s going on.

It was bitterly cold, and I could feel the snow getting under my skin and freezing me solid, so I have never been happier to arrive. We were guided down the stairs (it seems that all beer related parties happen in basements…I must investigate why) and it was like I have been beamed to North America. Well, Denver more specifically, as that’s where the beer comes from. Leather couches, a long bar counter and loads of trendy East London types hanging about. I fitted right in.

Obviously the first thing I wanted to find out was why this beer is so different. I am no beer king and only really drink it when it is scorching hot (which is never in the UK), but I’d heard a lot about Blue Moon so was all questions. As the bar man pulled me a pint (I have never typed that before), I find out that the beer has coriander and orange as ingredients. I am now salivating. The pint is down and garnished with an orange peel. I feel like a beer drinking Mr Bond.

A few sips in I am starting to see what the fuss is about. The beer is light, easy to drink and very smooth. You get this fruity taste in your mouth and it’s just fabulous. There is a lot of talking going on around me and few of the comments are “unisex”, “loving the orange” and “great taste”. This beer is going down well. I speak to a DJ on the next table and he is obsessing over the color of the beer, and the Marketing Exec next to me is loving it. Food starts to come out, and its very seafood themed. I don’t get it to start with but as I chow down on the first of many canapés I realize that they are not nuts, but a bunch of geniuses. Blue Moon beer + seafood = amazing combination.

I enjoy another few pints, talk about watches and fashion with the guy next to me, and watch my partner in crime giving someone a make over in the corner. Everyone is generally feeling happy, but eventually we get back into 32 layers of wool and start heading home.

A great party and a great introduction to a new drink for me, that I might never have tried. But now, when the Summer arrives and I have my first BBQ party, it will be Blue Moon for everyone!

Msalonen (converted beer drinker)

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