‘Break glass in case of crisis.’ Did you get a Free £50 on your Way to Work Today??

#breakthemouldWere you one of the lucky commuters who grabbed a free £50 on your way to work this morning?

In order to beat the blues of “Blue Monday”, which is apparently the most depressing day of the year (I’m feeling quite good today, surprisingly!), this morning emergency boxes were planted at busy commuter spots around London. Each box contained £50, a year’s subscription to cloud accounting software KashFlow and a letter from KashFlow founder Duane Jackson encouraging commuters to beat Blue Monday and start up their own businesses.

The (lovely) idea was devised to encourage people to grab the chance to follow their dreams, set up a startup and pursue their business ideas to escape the current depressing economic downturn. Plus of course get a free £50 and make the day a little more cheerful!

Did you spot one of the boxes and grab the cash? If so…please let us know in the comment box below. We’re skint and jealous!

The hashtag to tweet about it if you did was #breakthemould


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