Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

It is a tragic fact that pretty much every single one of us will be affected by cancer at some point in our lives. If we are lucky, it won’t be us that it attacks – but the devastation caused by finding out a friend or loved one is suffering can be equally as difficult to take.

The awful truth is that for Breast Cancer alone – there are over 46,000 new diagnoses every year in the UK. That’s one person every 11 minutes. Personally, I think that’s a horrifying statistic, and I want to do something to help.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month here in the UK…a fantastic time to draw attention to the charities working so hard to raise money for research and new treatments, and for those helping the sufferers when they are struggling to come to terms with these huge changes, or the families learning to deal wit the loss of a friend, sibling, wife or mother.

It wouldn’t be enough for me to just write about this. I think, that with such a fantastic bunch of readers, we are in the perfect position as a group to help raise funds that will go towards fighting this horrible illness.

I’ve therefore come up with a grand plan. I’m looking to host an evening in London, full of fun, festivities and frivolity, that will serve as a fantastic meet up and tweet up for readers and twitter friends alike…and will hopefully raise a respectable lump of cash that will be split between Breast Cancer Care and MacMillan Nurses. Essentially, it will be a great opportunity to meet up with Twitter friends and like minded people, have some laughs, drink some drinks, have the opportunity to win some fabulous prizes & make money for two amazingly worthy causes while you’re there.

I hope you all think this is as good a plan as we do. To make it work I will of course need your support, and any help you are able/willing to offer – I won’t be able to do it without you! Please do get in touch via the comment form below or by emailing me with any ideas, venue suggestions, offers of support or just general encouragement…I think we’re going to need it 🙂

For more information Breast Cancer please click here or here.

Thanks for reading x

Please note! There are lots of ways you can also help to raise money for Breast Cancer Care. Please check out their website for ideas – or alternatively, get yourselves a ticket to Drink Pink which is happening on 1st October – see our event section for more details!

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    Davina Richards
    October 2, 2009 at 2:10 pm

    Breast Cancer Awareness is such a worthwhile cause, and it’s great that so many companies are pledging their support financially – hopefully together we can make a big impact!

    If any ladies are looking to update their hallway or back doorstep with a shiny new doormat, now’s the time to buy as I’ve found that will be donating £1 per sale this month for Breast Cancer Awareness – which is rather nice!

    If more suppliers started committing to raise funds we could raise so much money without actively trying to do so.

    Hope the heads up helps! Do you know of any other companies doing this too?

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    Judy Johnson
    October 8, 2009 at 11:31 pm

    Put me down on the list, will defo be there! For now it’s me + 2, but I am spreading the word around so will let you know if I need more on the list 🙂

    Well done for getting it organised hun, I gotta feeling… it’s gonna be a great night!

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