Bring Some Italian Style to London with “Vivi in Stile" Peroni App…

It’s been a little while since we’ve talked about one of our favourite apps. The last one we really raved about was Feedly, and we hope you all paid attention, as with the news of Google Readers imminent closure, Feedly is the #1 recommended replacement. See…I know my stuff*!

Peroni App Vivi in StileThe latest app we have been testing out is Vivi in Stile from Peroni. It’s aim is to inject a little Italian style into your UK city, and offers tips on food and drink, fashion and design. There are also exclusive articles written for the site by trendsetters including Antonio Berardi, Giorgio Locatelli, the Urban Junkies team, top fashion journalist Gianluca Longo and Italian designer Fabio Novembre. Fabulous!

Last week, I put the app to the text and clicked on the “Esplorare” tab, and as I was peckish…opted for food (obviously). This app knows it’s stuff; I live in Maida Vale and the top suggestions in my area were all my favourites! Raouls Cafe (where team TLL recently spotted David Beckham. Even more delicious than the food, right?), The Ledbury (which is probably my favourite restaurant in London) and Pizza East Portobello…one of my favourite Pizza places in town!

It was time for brunch, so where better to go that Raouls? This is one of my regular weekend haunts so we welcomed the suggestion and  hurried straight there! I really do need to get a review written up but in short; the Eggs Benedict are to die for, and they’re perfectly happy to change some of the components to meet dietary requirements, which is ace.

I wasn’t in the mood for a lunchtime drink (for a change!) but the local suggestions for Notting Hill were pretty good; The Earl of Portobello is packed with quirky features and has a great community feel, and The Oak on Westbourne Park Road is gorgeous and also does fantastic pizzas!

For me, the fashion choices on the app are a teeny bit obvious. Most of the selections are the larger fashion stores you’d know about anyway; Matches, Joseph and Browns for example – although they do also have vintage fashion boutique One of a Kind, and local menswear store Hentsch Man on there too.

The design section is a little more interesting, with suggestions like the Vessel and Serpentine Galleries, Monocle Shop and The Italian Water Garden at Kensington Gardens.

If you’re coming to London, or just looking for some new suggestions in this glorious city, it’s definitely an app that will appeal to the Sylistas amongst you. And, when you hit the “Esclusivo” button and fill in your details, you get rewarded with some excellent exclusive deals and freebies too.

The app is free and available in either the Android and iPhone stores….so what are you waiting for? Check it out and let me know what you think.

(PS. It’s not just for Londoners. There are versions for Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Glasgow too! Get the girls, head off on a road-trip and use this as your guide. Any excuse, hey??)

*or it was just coincidence. But who believes in coincidences these days, hmm?!

Full disclosure: Sponsored Post! But as always, I’ll never write about anything I don’t like, so it’s only featured because it’s TLL approved.

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